Thursday, December 16, 2010

Picture Frame Chalkboard

I love my accountability/prayer partner, Jenny.  She is that amazing friend you always wanted--great listener, super creative, strong in the Lord, and down to earth.  With Christmas coming, I knew I wanted to do something fun and crafty for her present.  I decided to make the darling picture frame chalkboards that were featured in a tutorial over at The Rigdons.  I loved the burnt ribbon look and the simplicity of the frame. 

Plus, it was a simple craft that would be used after it was finished.  Jenny and I often ask to be held accountable to memorize scripture, and I thought of this craft being a great way to have our memorization verses hanging around the house.  Here is a picture of The Rigdon's final example product--darling!


So, I said I would share my flops with you.  I flopped a little with this.  I used a new, unfamiliar greasy glue instead of my tried and true Tacky Glue or hot glue gun.  It ruined my flowers, which originally looked like this (notice the greasy blobs)--ugh!:

Needless to say, I had to spend a little bit of time redoing my flowers.  Also, my Michael's was out of spray chalk paint, so I ran to Lowe's, where they only carry brush-on chalkboard paint.  It took about 5 coats, and I am still skeptical of how well it will stay.  Because some of the brush strokes were bound to show, it ended up looking very rustic and handmade--think of a slate during Little House on the Prairie and you've got the idea.  I kind of like the rustic look since I chose a rustic looking frame.  You can see how smooooth the spray chalk paint looks on the Rigdon's example--the way to go if you aren't going for a rustic look.

Jenny is coming for accountability today.  I hope she likes it!  I had fun making it--even with the bumps along the way.  I plan to make one soon for our own kitchen.  I can write down my son's AWANA verses or my accountability verses I am memorizing. 

Oh, and have you heard of chalk ink markers?  They are chalk, but they write like a marker.  It is perfect for this project or any home chalkboard!  I found mine at Michael's but I heard they are also on Amazon.  I'm giving Jenny a pack to take home with her chalkboard.

Here is a picture of the chalkboard I made Jenny.  I love this verse, and it rings so true of her!  See how great the chalk markers stand out on the chalkboard . . .

Here is a pic of the burnt ribbon flowers AFTER I redid them and used Tacky Glue.  I went for a much more rustic look than the Rigdon's example.


  1. Cute idea Chiara :) I have a chalkboard in my kitchen from Pottery Barn, I should use it for verses!!!

  2. i am SO making one of these ( in the new year perhaps! im all crafted out!) i have a frame with a smashed mirror that i have been saving and not known what to do with it but this is GREAT, im going to put it up in our bedroom and write our memorization verses on it. awesome idea and the flowers look great! i like yours even better and i LOVE how you keep saying 'rustic' thats what i call EVERYTHING i make :)

  3. oh and i like the brush strokes in your paint with the frame, totally goes with it. i think id use spray on with the frame i am thinking of cause its more sleek looking. wow. your partner is LUCKY!

  4. THANK YOU Chiara!!! I know just where I am going to put it too - on the table I see every time I walk in the door or down the stairs! You are so sweet and thoughtful and I love our times together too! You encourage me to excel still more. You are a treasure this side of eternity!

    And rustic is my style :)


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