Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Goals Wordle

Every year my husband and I make goals together over our anniversary, which is December 28th.  We make measurable goals individually, for our marriage, as parents, spiritually, and financially.  We also share with one another what we think the other person is doing well (a long list) and a couple things that our spouse could see as a target for growth (a short list).  Almost all of the goals revolve around sanctification in all these areas, though a few temporal goals, such as what projects we agree are important to finish on the house or how often we want to go on date nights each month, are also on the list.
It is something we have done all 8 years of our marriage, and we are teaching our second workshop in a about a week at church on how to do goalsetting as a couple in order to grow in godliness in all areas of your life. 
This year, I created a Wordle to hang in our master bedroom.  I just printed it out and hung it in a cheap frame I bought at a discount store.  I'll change out the frame each year as our goals change, but we can keep record of our main goals and see them every day.
This year, I think the specifics of our goals were especially personal and sensitive, but I summed up the main ideas in words and made this fun wordle:

                                               Wordle: New Year Goals Art 2011

Wordle can be used to display your favorite verse, write down the things you love about your spouse, list all your family's favorite places to go, do a school project cover, and anything else you can imagine!  I was thinking the fruits of the Spirit or the Attributes of God printed in Wordle would be a fun gift for a Partner's graduate (a discipleship program at my church). 

Have fun creating and Happy New Year!

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