Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Terrific Tea: Thematic Party and Table Ideas

(My mock set up at home for the tea!)

I had quite the busy weekend!  Other than a busy Mother's Day on Sunday, I was able to attend our church's annual tea and host a table on Saturday.  The event, with the theme A Model Mom, was, and always is, spectacular!  We had a great luncheon, listened to musical performances and then had a lesson on Susan Wesley.  Each hostess is in charge of decorating her own table however she chooses for her 8 guests.    I believe we had between 500-600 women in attendance, so we had a lot of tea tables! It is fun and competitive, and everyone keeps their tables a secret until the event.  I hope you enjoy the creative fabulousness!

In perfect form, I started taking pictures with my DSLR and the battery ran out about two tables into the tour.  I will never get my act together with the pictures.  Sigh.  So, I apologize, but my cell phone took the rest of the pictures in a very dimly lit auditorium with no windows.  The photos still allow you to see how amazing the tables were!

This post is LONG with pictures, but each one is truly worth the time!

The first table is my western themed table.  I used burlaps, creams, pops of red, and a cowprinted table cloth as my color scheme.  Guests had "Happy Trails to You" trail mix in mason jars tied with red ric rac.  I also had red bandanas as napkins, and the cutlery was in the big mason jar/water glass.  A cow creamer and milk jug flower vases were in the center, with a hurricane lamp standing watch on top of burlap and red ribbon covered straw bales.  I used a "wanted" poster to do a play on the Model Mom theme and also had a burned-edges western sign with the list of "vittles" we would eat for lunch at  the event.  Finally, I made little burlap wreaths to hang on the back of each guest's chair.

 A candy themed table:

 A safari animal themed table:

A gorgeous cream and brown table.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

A succulent themed table.  I love the colors!

A silhouette themed table with silhouette cookie favors and silhouettes on each chair. . .

My friend made this bright, springy tablecloth herself!  So fun!

A circus themed table.  Those plates are awesome!:

Some tables were more traditional, but they were gorgeous!

A Hungry Catepillar themed table. . . So cute!

This picture doesn't do this beach themed table justice.  I loved the succulents and roses mixed into the big shell centerpiece. . .

A coffee themed table!  Yes, please!

A beautiful jeweled table

A music themed table:

There were a couple bird themed tables that were so pretty!

A Japanese themed table:

Another country themed table--great minds think alike!

I love the soft colors at this table!

This green apple themed table was right next to me and I LOVED it!

Living in CA, there are always beach themed tables . . .

This was a SEWING theme--so cute!  The favors were little sewing kits.

The stage was amazing!

The table below won for most creative, and it was AWESOME.  It had a school theme, with apple everything.  The hostess had gotten a school pic of each guest at her table for a placecard.  She had their names in scrabble letters too.  She had an apple fritter for a favor for each person.  The chairs each had a "backpack" with a little paper lunch hanging out that said, "Love, Mom."  The details were AMAZING! 

Another winner was this "Bee Attitudes" themed table.  It was gorgeous and so creative.  The hostess even wore a "bee" hive hairdo at the tea.

My friend had never been to the tea, and she hostessed a table.  She did such a cute job with her nautical theme!

If you made it this far into the post, you are probably amazed at the tables!  I am!  This was only a fraction of them too.  I KNOW you can glean inspiration for a party or a themed table from this post.  I can't wait until next year's tea!  What theme ideas do you have for me?


  1. Love that this blog captures the day!! Always awesome to have you hostess!

    1. Thanks, Stacey! Your leadership over the tea this year was such a blessing! I pray God leads you to do it again! You have a gift of organizing, leading and orchestrating with patience!

  2. I love your red coffee mugs and how cute is that cow pitcher?! Cute theme :). So glad you still blog!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! The mugs are my mom's--so fun. The cow creamer was from Target. I had to get it when I saw it. . . Ha, ha!


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