Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Women in the Word Wednesday: Second Fiddle

I was reading a small devotional* from John MacArthur the other day about humility.  He used the example of Andrew, which made me ponder church service.  Andrew was Simon Peter's brother, and we all know that Peter was an outspoken and take charge guy.  Many of us can describe Peter's personality and even quote many of his conversations with Jesus.  Because of this, Andrew often played second fiddle to his brother.  He is even described as "Simon Peter's brother" in the Bible.  (John 1:40)

However, we know that Andrew ran to tell Peter about Christ when he first encountered Jesus.  He wasn't interested in keeping the glory or discovery for himself, despite knowing his brother, Peter, would probably take center stage in any future endeavors for Christ.  Andrew had a true Philippians 2:3-4 heart--considering others better than himself. 

All of us have different gifts--some to be teachers and leaders, highly visible to others, and some to be the steady, hardworking servant behind the scenes.  Andrew was content and joyful to be the quiet follower, working hard alongside more visible and outspoken disciples.  Church tradition says that he was sharing the gospel and pleading with others to come to Christ even as he was crucified and martyred, hanging two days on an "X" shaped cross.  His eyes were off of himself, even at the end.

Where does God have you serving?  Are you one of the visible conductors in your church body, or are you quietly serving in a much less noticeable, but just as important, position?  Do you ever struggle with the desire for the glory that comes from men?  Confess any sin in this area and be encouraged!  Remember that a seemingly "second fiddle," Christian servant here on earth carries great reward and prominence in Heaven.  God values humility and contentment in our hearts as we turn all praise and sacrifice into glory for Him!

*John Macarthur's "Drawing Near" devotional, Crossway Books

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