Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Weekend in Arizona: Schnepf Farms

Storefront to Schnepf Farms

Our family went out to visit my husband's sister and her hubby this weekend.  They got married in December, and we wanted to see their new home and hometown. 

We waited a bit long for a visit, and it was starting to heat up a bit when we were there.  It wasn't crazy hot, it was probably in the 90's, but we are Southern California wimps who only do well when the temps are somewhere in the 70's.  However, it was perfect weather for living in water all weekend.

I got to go see my cousin's wife, Amy, and her four girls while I was out there too, and our family had lots of time in the pool, which Carter loved--Micah, not nearly as much, but his crazy fear of water is another post, another time.  Ryan and Carter went to a water slide park near Phoenix while I stayed behind with napping Micah.  Carter and Micah have spent the last three days staring at the maps of the water park and talking about the different slides--Micah loves to talk about them, as long as he doesn't have to actually ever go on them.  Carter, on the other hand, is savoring each moment he was there and asking when we can go again.  He is my adventure craver.

While we were there, it was the Peach Festival at Schnepf Farms.  I fell in love with this cute, little farm.  They had a drool worthy bakery, free carnival rides, pig races, goats, playgrounds, a great little train ride all around the farm, hayrides, music performances, and local produce kiosks all around.  Because of the lines and crazy heat (I'm a heat wimp), I didn't buy any peaches, but I have made a goal to grill some peaches for dessert sometime in the next few weeks.  I might even add a dollop of vanilla ice cream.  Gasp!

Enjoy some pictures of our farm visit!

There was a vintage, country feel all over the farm

They had almost sold out of all their baked goods, and the peach filled cinnamon rolls were gone, but I enjoyed drooling through the glass as the buttery, giant cookies and golden crusted pies.

All the vendors had local produce and organic foods.  This was a grass fed beef company's kiosk.

Ryan holding Micah, who refused to walk in the heat.

This pic sums up it up.  Ryan and Carter are all smiles, Jon and Katie are having fun pretending to be on their phones, and Micah is throwing a fit.

Hay maze

A run on the big slide

The big tunnel slide

Seriously, this picture couldn't be any better.  Carter (in red and blonde) is laughing and smiling because he is riding a roller coaster (his FAVORITE), and Micah (in red and darker hair) is staring in horror and holding on for his dear life.

Guess who wanted to go by himself again and sit in the front?

Kiddie rides are more his speed.  Micah enjoying the kiddie planes.

Slowly walking to the car at the end, motivated by the fact we were going to lunch and getting nice, cool, ice filled sodas and iced teas to cool off.  We had fun at the farm!

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