Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun Candy Bar/Memory Card Shower Game

Most of you know I recently hosted an owl themed baby shower.  You can see pictures and read about it here

I promised I would write about the game that I played at the shower, so here are the details.  I apologize for the picture quality.  I didn't take many pictures of the game the day of the shower since I was running it, and the pictures I do have of the board are in our poorly lit family room at night. 

The game is a memory/matching game that I learned a few years ago from my friend Jen.  It is so unique and fun, and most guests haven't seen the game before.

You start with a posterboard.  I wrapped mine in wrapping paper that coordinated with the shower theme and colors. 

I then cut out 24 rectangular pieces of cardstock and folded them over so they looked and opened like a card.  (My cards were hinged on the lefthand side and the cover opened to the side).

I glued wrapping paper to the front of each "card" of cardstock and then glued the cards to the front of the posterboard. 

There is no magic number of cards to use.  You need to have an even number, since each word has a pair/duplicate written on the board.  I threw another shower last summer where I only had 18 cards glued on the front of the posterboard.

I glued large font, typed words inside each card, so they are only visible to read when you open the card.  You could also use pictures or images of the word instead of written words.  If you make 24 cards, you need to come up with 12 baby related words.  You will write each word twice and scramble them around on the board so the same word is not directly next to each another.

I then glued a number on each card front so the guest can tell me which numbers to open.

I used tiny pieces of velcro that I cut up to keep the flaps of each card shut when they weren't yet matched (a little hard to see in the picture). 

That is it!

Here is how you play:
--Go around the room and have each guest give you two cards to open.  They are trying to find a "match."  If the two numbers they choose are not a match, you close the cards shut again and go to the next guest.

--If they do get a match, you give the guest who got the match a candy bar that cooresponds to the word they matched.  This is the fun and creative part.  See my examples below.
Leave the cards they matched slightly open or have a way to mark them as "done", so others don't pick those numbers again. 

--Keep going around the room until all the cards are matched.

So here are the 12 words I used and the candy bar "prizes" for each pair of words:

Dirty Diaper--Tootsie Roll
Breastfeeding--Milky Way or Milk Duds
Daddy--Pop Rocks OR Sugar Daddy
Ultrasound--Look Candybar
Baby Giggles--Chuckles Gummy Candies or Snickers
College Fund--100 Grand Bar
Preemie--Runts Candies
Ob Gyn--Butterfinger (gross, but it always gets a good laugh)
Contractions--Whoppers Candy
Colic--Cry Babies Candies
Aspirator--Goobers chocolate candies

There you go!  Be creative and make up your own word/candy associations.  You don't have to use mine.

I went to the Powell's Candy Store near to where I live to get the candies, and they carry almost every kind of candy imaginable.  I'm sure you can find candies you need online as well.

You could adapt this game for any type of party.  Here are some examples for a wedding shower:

Diamond--Ring Pop
Groom--Mr. Goodbar or Big Hunk
Commitment--Now and Laters
Honeymoon--Red Hots
Argument--Warheads or Rocky Road
Love--Good N Plenty
Babies--Junior Mints or Runts
Wedding Night--Skor Bar
Hugs and Kisses--Hershey's Hugs and Kisses

Have fun trying this at your next wedding or baby shower!  I'm know it will be a hit!

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  1. That idea is ADORABLE Chiara. Thank you so much for sharing it. I "pinned" it! :)

  2. good job! Have a lovely day! Maria

  3. LOVE this!! Very creative use of the bars! Thank you for sharing!!

    My link up :)

  4. Cute games! We did the candy bar game at my baby shower. It was fun and something different!

  5. Super cute idea! Thanks for linking up, you are being featured this week, will be up in few:) Thanks!!

  6. Can anybody come up with any more wedding ideas I keep trying but I am unsuccessful

  7. First dance- symphony
    Bride- sugar mamas
    In-laws- mike and Ike
    First home - 5 th avenue

  8. This is such creative. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  9. I have an idea to set-up the board, which might make things a little easier.

    Choose had many pairs you are going to play with. Ex: 10 pairs, you will need 20 small envelopes. 20 rectangles, cardstock, that will fit in the envelopes. Write the numbers 1-20 on your envelopes. Print out the words you are playing with.

    Cover your board with paper or wrapping paper. Glue on your envelopes in 4 rows of 5. Then cut out the words and glue onto the cardstock rectangles.

    When you are ready to play, insert the cardstock rectangles into the envelopes. When a player picks a pair correctly you can set those cards aside. This way you can use the board/game over and over again!

    I might try a different variation of the game. I was thinking of having 10 pairs on the board. Although to win you would need to match the candy bar with the term, EX: you would need to pick ultrasound and look to win the look bar. Instead of finding ultrasound twice.

  10. Thanks for sharing. We are having a co-ed shower and this would be fun because each partner could pick a number.

  11. This seems like a great baby shower game! I'd love to feature or add this to my own list of favorite baby shower games if you won't mind?

    All the best!

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