Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites and 100th Post! 5-6-11

I really wasn't paying attention to my post numbers, but I noticed today that I had 99 posts written on my blog, and today's Friday Favorites makes 100!  Yay!  I hope there are many more to come!
With a 2 year old who had a stomach virus all weekend, the end of the year ministry celebration yesterday, and the tea table prep for tomorrow, it was a really busy week.  I didn't link up to any parties this week, and I didn't have tons of time to enjoy all the creativity out there.  I couldn't forget Friday Favorites, though, so I took the time to share a few great ideas out in blogland.

Make It and Love It created interchangable heel flip flop straps. I agree with the post--those flip flops without the back strap are forever falling off my kids' feet--even my five year old's.   Again, mommies of girls, how cute would it be to use fabric that matches a special dress or favorite outfit?  Oh, and the bows . . . so sweet!

The Idea Room shared a tutorial on making beautiful monogrammed soaps.  Not only are the soaps individualized and great, but she recycles the soap box to create special wrapping like you find in a high end boutique.  Brilliant!  This project is very low cost and would be easier to do with each one that you make.
 monogrammed soap with cover

Happy Clippings shared some creative, cost effective ways to honor your kids' teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  I love the colored pencil vase--so colorful, fun, and affordable. 

The Birthday Blog shared a very doable, affordable and fun lego birthday party from My Many Colored Days.  The colors are so vibrant and FUN, and it looks like the boys are enjoying every second of it.  If you have a boy who likes Legos, definitely check out the ideas here!

My friend, Erin, from over at In Between Laundry, made a gorgeous makeover to her entryway hallway.  With simple paint and some wainscotting, she was able to transform normal into absolutely gorgeous!  I am in LOVE with her new light fixture too!

Anngela's Pretty Little Things made a spring bib necklace that is so great!  Though it has various light colors of fabric, it all balances well and could be worn with many outfits.  I do so love a bib necklace done well!

Happy Friday to everyone!  May your weekend be beautiful, with at least a few scraps and crumbs of time for you to be creative!


  1. Thanks for including me in the line-up, Chiara. I'm in great company indeed!

  2. I love those flip flops!! So creative! Too bad I don't have a girl!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Thanks for sharing my colored pencil vase! Happy a great weekend!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my necklace Chiara! I LOVE the bib necklace you created as well--the all white is so classic. :) I see one of these in my near future! Thank you again!
    <3 Anngela

  5. Congrats on your 100th post! I love that soap!

  6. Congrats on the 100th post. That is a fun milestone to reach. Thanks for including me in your fun line up! Off to check out the other ideas.


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