Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday Favorites: 5-13-11 (on Tuesday 5-17--Thanks, Blogger!)

I heard about Idea Paint this week from my friend Ashley. This stuff is amazing! I haven't tried it yet, but supposedly, it paints a white board surface onto anything, and it is actually easier to clean than a normal white board (no lingering streaks of dry erase marker are left behind). You can buy it at Lowe's or Home Depot. Check out the examples and the pictures at their website: I am excited to try this in our kitchen in order to make a wall space for Bible verses!

Now let's look at other people's fabulous ideas! Enjoy Friday Favorites and the creative inspiration!

Funky Pokadot Giraffe made a ruffled bookmark that is so darling! She gives us a tutorial so we can make it too. This would be a wonderful way to dress up a book gift to a teacher at the end of the year.

If you are short on yard space but love a garden, Homeroad gives us a great tutorial on creating a window box herb garden.  I love the black painted box with white writing.  This would look beautiful in any kitchen.

I had a lot of people ask me how I made the French chair backs for my Paris tea table. Truly, I took the idea for tissue paper pom poms and adapted it a little.  Many of you have made these, but I thought I'd post it for those who haven't.  Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on making tissue paper pom poms for parties.

The Shabby French Cottage featured a low budget kitchen redo.  It is fabulous!  I can't imagine an all white kitchen with my two boys, but maybe I can try it someday.  I am always drawn to happy, bright kitchens!

C.R.A.F.T. gave us a tutorial on making an interactive cork map.  If you are a family who likes to travel or you have a husband who travels and you want to show the kids where his work is taking him, then this is a fun idea!

Landee See, Landee Do made some vase filler balls from thumbtacks.  They are really pretty.  The texture on them is just as great as a bean ball.  This would be a fun project to do while you are watching TV--am I the only one who has to multitask if the TV is on?

Of Pinks and Fairy Tales made a darling pleated tie necklace.  I have seen this trend in a few places, and it has to be done JUST right to look cute.  She did a perfect job.  She got her tutorial from Rachel at Maybe Matilda

Pressed Down, Shaken Together made flowers from bottle caps.  She added buttons and then decorated a wreath and made the CUTEST project.  It is a low cost craft that is absolutely beautiful!

Green Gracie Home guestposted on Sugar Bee Craft Edition and gave us a great recipe tutorial for Whoopie Pies.  These have lots of chocolate and gooey frosting, so I had to share.  Yum!

Let's end on a healthy and summery note.  Real Food, Allergy Free shared a summer salad recipe with artichoke hearts and asparagus.  I am craving this since I saw it--maybe it will be on the meal plan for next week!


  1. Thanks for featuring my necklace! But the Tutorial is actually from Rachel of Maybe Matilda :)

  2. Thank you SO much for featuring my bottle cap & button flower wreath - it's definitely one of my favorites, too :)


  3. Thanks so much for the feature! Your blog is so cute.


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