Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun Candy Bar/Memory Card Shower Game

Most of you know I recently hosted an owl themed baby shower.  You can see pictures and read about it here

I promised I would write about the game that I played at the shower, so here are the details.  I apologize for the picture quality.  I didn't take many pictures of the game the day of the shower since I was running it, and the pictures I do have of the board are in our poorly lit family room at night. 

The game is a memory/matching game that I learned a few years ago from my friend Jen.  It is so unique and fun, and most guests haven't seen the game before.

You start with a posterboard.  I wrapped mine in wrapping paper that coordinated with the shower theme and colors. 

I then cut out 24 rectangular pieces of cardstock and folded them over so they looked and opened like a card.  (My cards were hinged on the lefthand side and the cover opened to the side).

I glued wrapping paper to the front of each "card" of cardstock and then glued the cards to the front of the posterboard. 

There is no magic number of cards to use.  You need to have an even number, since each word has a pair/duplicate written on the board.  I threw another shower last summer where I only had 18 cards glued on the front of the posterboard.

I glued large font, typed words inside each card, so they are only visible to read when you open the card.  You could also use pictures or images of the word instead of written words.  If you make 24 cards, you need to come up with 12 baby related words.  You will write each word twice and scramble them around on the board so the same word is not directly next to each another.

I then glued a number on each card front so the guest can tell me which numbers to open.

I used tiny pieces of velcro that I cut up to keep the flaps of each card shut when they weren't yet matched (a little hard to see in the picture). 

That is it!

Here is how you play:
--Go around the room and have each guest give you two cards to open.  They are trying to find a "match."  If the two numbers they choose are not a match, you close the cards shut again and go to the next guest.

--If they do get a match, you give the guest who got the match a candy bar that cooresponds to the word they matched.  This is the fun and creative part.  See my examples below.
Leave the cards they matched slightly open or have a way to mark them as "done", so others don't pick those numbers again. 

--Keep going around the room until all the cards are matched.

So here are the 12 words I used and the candy bar "prizes" for each pair of words:

Dirty Diaper--Tootsie Roll
Breastfeeding--Milky Way or Milk Duds
Daddy--Pop Rocks OR Sugar Daddy
Ultrasound--Look Candybar
Baby Giggles--Chuckles Gummy Candies or Snickers
College Fund--100 Grand Bar
Preemie--Runts Candies
Ob Gyn--Butterfinger (gross, but it always gets a good laugh)
Contractions--Whoppers Candy
Colic--Cry Babies Candies
Aspirator--Goobers chocolate candies

There you go!  Be creative and make up your own word/candy associations.  You don't have to use mine.

I went to the Powell's Candy Store near to where I live to get the candies, and they carry almost every kind of candy imaginable.  I'm sure you can find candies you need online as well.

You could adapt this game for any type of party.  Here are some examples for a wedding shower:

Diamond--Ring Pop
Groom--Mr. Goodbar or Big Hunk
Commitment--Now and Laters
Honeymoon--Red Hots
Argument--Warheads or Rocky Road
Love--Good N Plenty
Babies--Junior Mints or Runts
Wedding Night--Skor Bar
Hugs and Kisses--Hershey's Hugs and Kisses

Have fun trying this at your next wedding or baby shower!  I'm know it will be a hit!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Favorites: May 27th,2011

This week was rich with great ideas.  I can't wait to share some of my favorites with you! 

This is a busy time of year.  School is ending soon, and there are appreciation gifts to buy for many people.  I know it sounds less thoughtful, but I know most teachers appreciate a great gift card.  It was always a treat to have a nice dinner, a massage, movie date nights, or a shopping spree to look forward to during the summer.  Lots of teachers have similar personalities--taking care of others and not spending much money on themselves.  I never feel right about coming home with charges all for my own benefit or pleasure, but I don't mind enjoying a gift card that was given to me.  Those were my favorite when I was a teacher--just sayin in case you are planning your teacher's thank you gift . . .

In addition to school ending, Memorial Day and the 4th of July are near, so we are all planning dishes, or even hosting, for the celebrations.  Father's Day is right around the corner, and we are starting to brainstorm ideas to bless the dads in our lives. 

Some of today's ideas are helpful tips and hints for these upcoming dates on the calendar.  Enjoy the inspiration--I hope you can implement a couple of these projects!

Sun Scholars wrote a post with many really creative Father's Day gift ideas, and most of them are low cost.  I love the "Daddyland" coupon book with a play on the old Disneyland ticket books (am I dating myself that I remember those?  E ticket, please . . .), the envelope surprise idea, the Dad portrait, the movie night party bucket, and the 365 things I appreciate about you jar.  You have to take a look at these awesome ideas.
Daddyland Coupon Book

Fakin' It gave us a great idea for an affordable classmate summer gift.  Carter's class is doing this exact idea--each kid is bringing in a little token summer gift for the other 11 kids and the teacher is putting it in a beach bag she is buying for each student.  I think I just may borrow this idea.
Kool aid finished class gift

Sugarfoot Designs created a pinwheels and pearls babyshower invitation.   If you are throwing a shower sometime soon, this would be perfect!  I immediately thought of how cute this would be with a red, white and blue twist for the 4th of July.  Just use patriotic scrapbook paper and switch out the pearls for stars or patriotic confetti pieces.  Major cuteness!

Scissors and Spatulas made a summer clutch that will get many compliments.  Do you remember the darling Mod Podge shoes I shared once on Friday Favorites?  This is the same idea.  Start with a thrift store or old patent leather clutch.  Mod Podge on some darling fabric, add some flowers and voila!  I am in LOVE with the final product!

Our Seven Dwarfs is sharing her print out for her weekly chore/household work schedule.  For those of you who have read Shopping For Time and really love organization, this is a great post for you.  She also gives you a link for a chore schedule for your kids over at Running With Glitter.

The Gaines Gang shared her tween room redo.  Our house also has a travel theme in some of our decor (Ryan and I did a lot of traveling before the kids came along), so I loved this room and the travel theme.  The room is perfect for a girl entering her teens and will last well into young adulthood if wanted.

It's Always a Party at the Sparkles shared her daughter's Fancy Nancy birthday party.  Um . . . let me just say that any birthday party I have ever held looks like a joke compared to this amazing party.  This party had poodles, pastries, pink lemondade, and plenty of pink and poufs.  You won't believe the details and the thought put into this party--A-MAZ-ING!

The last 3 posts I am sharing are scrumptious recipes.  I love raw asparagus, but I have never heard of a shaved asparagus salad until I read this post by The Alchemist.  Yum!  If you need to take a special salad to a dinner or a summer celebration, this salad screams for a summer bbq. 

Speaking of salad, who likes the salads at Cafe Rio?  Yes, please.  A Mommy's Life . . . With a Touch of Yellow shared a dressing recipe that she promises tastes just like the favorite concoction at Cafe Rio.  It looks delicious, and there is nothing like a salad with homemade dressing!

Finally, Zoe's blog shared an easy way to make cinnamon rolls at home--little ones so you don't feel as guilty enjoying one.  She is from the UK, so some of the ingredients, temperatures or measurements need a slight translation, but there aren't many in this recipe.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Palm Springs Mini Vacation

We are very blessed that Ryan's side of the family has a home out in Indian Wells (Palm Springs).  Every now and then, we pack up the boys, drive a couple of hours and spend some time being lazy in the sun, swimming and just enjoying a slower pace of life. 

This last weekend, we retreated to this same home, and we had a wonderful time.  Because we have season passes to Knott's, Cedar Fair Parks, and any affiliated water parks, we took three trips to Knott's Soak City in Palm Springs. 

Carter bravely went down the "big" water slides that made even mommy's heart beat faster--he is over 42 inches, so he could go on almost anything there.  He is an amazing swimmer and a natural risk taker when it comes to fast thrills like water slides and roller coasters.  At under 5 and 1/2, he has been on Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain, the white water rapids ride, Tower of Terror and many other roller coasters multiple times.  Since he was old enough to talk, he has been obsessed with rides--the faster the better!

Micah is going to be just like his brother.  He howled in protest that he couldn't climb the big hill at the water park and go down the big slides like Carter, but he was partially content in the fact he could go on the "grommie" slides for the younger kids.  He hopped down them without hesitation, and I would catch him at the bottom as he slid to near the water.

We enjoyed many afternoons just lounging by the pool, which is steps outside the back of the house. 


The weather was unusually cool, with most days staying in the mid 80's, so we ventured to several parks as well.  Our favorite park was Civic Center Park in Palm Desert, which had a lake, hundreds of ducks and turtles, acres of grass and an expanse of playground, including a water spraying rainbow and flowers. 



If you ever go on vacation in Palm Springs, we highly recommend the Children's Museum and the Living Desert Zoo as well--great adventures with young kids.  This trip out, we were saving money and tried to do some free excursions.

It was a much needed time with our family, time to just enjoy each other's company, to chat, and to have a break from the routine and stresses of home.  Enjoy the pictures!

Women in the Word Wednesday: Who is Your Hero?

I apologize for the lack of posts.  We just back from 5 days in Palm Springs yesterday, and I had 236 e-mails I had to work through last night.  I will post some pictures of our trip tonight, get Friday Favorites out on Friday, and I promise I'll get a tutorial out for that baby shower game from the Owl Shower by Monday. 

It is time, though, for Women in the Word Wednesday.  I searched my archives again, and I found this great post.  My little Carter is now a big 5 year old.  I love this picture of his chubby baby face!  Rereading this post was convicting and challenging--making me think about whether I have successfully risen to this calling in the years Carter has been home with me.

I originally wrote this post on our family blog in August, 2007. 

All it took was a furry, red fuzzball with big, beady eyes to light up my 16 month old's face. The high pitched squeals of "mo-mo" (Elmo, for those not up to speed on Carterese) were followed by waiting in line for a chance to take a quick snapshot with the famous Sesame Street character. The attached picture speaks volumes as to my toddler's joy at meeting his television "hero" at the Discovery Science Center. We also recently spent time at the Aliso Viejo theater to view a free movie entitled "Elmo in Grouchland." Though we only lasted twenty minutes before we had to leave--when Carter started petting the nice lady's hair sitting in front of us, I took that as my sign to go--to Carter it was a wonderful twenty minutes of watching Elmo as large as life on a movie screen.

Though Elmo is a fine character for kids to enjoy, it made me ponder the priority we place on other people, or red muppets in this case, over our God and King. Does it speak to an error in my parenting that I haven't spent as many hours praising our Heavenly Father and talking about Him to Carter as laughing at Elmo antics on TV? The other day, Carter pointed to his Bible and said "Jzus". I was thrilled! However, this came several months after learning to nickname his favorite furry monster. I so want Carter to adore God and have Him be his hero--with nothing else esteemed above Him in Carter's mind! The celebrities of this world are meaningless when compared to the majesty of our Lord. Imagine the stares I'd get if I replaced all the worldly heroes "stuff" with pictures of Jesus! Carter could have a Jesus lunchbox, a Jesus T-shirt, God videos, books, puzzles, etc. Okay, that might sound over the top, but you get the point. Early on, we need to teach our little ones that God is number one, and He deserves our fear, respect and adoration over anything or anyone else. I need to be his most powerful role-model of this practice.

My life needs to clearly demonstrate that God is my hero. If I looked at your life, who would I say was yours?
Exodus 20:3-4 "You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not
make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the
earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or
worship them: for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Favorites: 5-20-11

We are excited to get a mini break from the routine this weekend.  We are driving out to Palm Desert to stay in a house my hubby's family owns out there.  It is always a very relaxing trip--lots of pool time, naps, reading books, and spending time together as a family!  I can't wait. 

Before I pack, I wanted to share some fabulous ideas out in blog land this week.  I hope you enjoy and get inspiration for your own projects!

Lemon Tree Creations made the most beautiful wall art from scrapwood, a doormat and some spray paint.  It is gorgeous and looks expensive.  The beauty of this project is that you can do it with colors that coordinate with your decor.
2009 11 24 4458 thumb 1

A Couple of Craft Addicts made a knock-off of an Anthropologie inspired necklace.  It is really cute and extremely cheap to make.  Again, imagine how easy this would be to do in the colors you needed for a particular look or outfit. 

Me Sew Crazy made bustle backpacks and I can't stop thinking about them.  I don't sew, I only have sons, and I am in love.  Those of you with sewing skills and daughters--watch out.  This tutorial will have you running to the fabric store . . .

Cake Likes a Party gave us a post about making glow paint jars.  They look just like fire fly jars on a summer night--how fun for a backyard bbq or a 4th of July party!

This post is for my teacher friends and moms out there.  Richelle's Creative Corner gives a very easy tutorial on how to use fabric and a double curtain rod to hold books on the wall in a sling.  Find some coordinating fabric for the kids' rooms or your classroom and viola!  What a cute idea for a reading nook!

Hungry Homebody made lemony ricotta pancakes, and they look divine.  These are the kind of pancakes I would make for me, not my kiddos, though I am sure they would want some too. 

Finally, Never Slack Tide made graduation cupcakes.  Many of my friends have kiddos "graduating" from preschool or kindergarten.  These would be a fun little surprise for your big (or little) graduate.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Women in the Word Wednesdays: 5-18-11: Manna in the Desert

Our family is in a figurative desert, so to speak. 

God has recently allowed a certain, difficult trial to enter our lives. To righteously respond in our actions and attitudes requires daily trust in Him, recalling His attributes and promises. 

We recognize that God never promises to make life easy or perfect in the sense of what the world values.  The oft recited Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope" does not mean God is always going to give us the desires of our heart and bless us in material ways.  It means He is going to give us what Christians need to be more and more conformed to the image of Christ and to align with His will--to grow in humility and holiness in order to bring God glory. 

We might face sickness, material loss, waiting, and pain--all for our benefit.  It sounds backwards, but our ways and understanding are not God's ways and understanding.  If it were up to us, we'd vote for comfortable lives that don't allow for spiritual pruning or growth.  We are like the five year old who doesn't want to get his shots at the doctor's office--not seeing past the pain to the future benefit of having the innoculations.

God has been good, even in one week, to provide figurative manna to us.  We have been given friends and family who encourage us, God's Word which focuses and teaches us truths to combat our sinful emotions, snippets of unexpected good news to show God's hand even in the trial, and many little crumbs of blessings and grace that remind us God provides for and loves us--even while He allows this desert. 

It is amazing how true it is that God gives us that "manna" of provision and encouragement at just the time we need it.  We are asked to respond to trials with godliness and trust, but God gives us the tools to do so.  We just have to recognize those tools and use them with thankfulness.

Today, God provided the manna of a great Bible study at church, the encouragement of friends in my small group, an unexpected e-mail of good news from my husband, lunch with my mom, the health of my kids, and always, always the everlasting, firm truths of scripture.  He doesn't HAVE to give me all these blessings--the cross should be enough to drag me to my knees in thankfulness and obedience--but He still does because He loves me, and I recognize His goodness and grace as I walk through the unknown desert and scoop up the "manna" with a thankful and trusting heart.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating with Jenny: Owl Themed Baby Shower

What a blessing friends are!  One of our favorite couples is having their first baby, so two of my friends and I threw her an owl themed baby shower.  Most of these beautiful decorations were done by my two talented friends--AMAZING!  She isn't finding out if the baby is a boy or girl, so we used a lot of natural colors, which worked perfectly with a nesting/owl theme.  As with Carter's Carnival Party and Easter, we had a short, sudden burst of rain that made prepping for an outside party (Plan A) impossible, so we moved everything inside (Plan B).  It worked out completely fine, and I think that everyone, especially the mom of honor, had a beautiful day!

We used owls, eggs and nests throughout, and we collected children's books for her new blessing!

Placecards showed each guest where to sit . . .

Table centerpieces were decorated with fresh hydrangea blooms.

Owl stir sticks . . .

Decorative owls in a "cage" stood over the gift table.


These are the white chocolate dipped pretzel favors.  Each one had a green or yellow flower pin attached to the goodie bag.

We all took turns holding one of our other friend, Allison's, newest family member.  Newborns are so amazing!

Every guest brought some appetizers or dessert to share.  Jenny, the guest of honor, and her awesome hubby, Matt.

Alice was one of the co-hosts with me--she is also an amazing photographer!

Morgan was one of the co-hosts with me.   She was so creative with the decor!

Matching/Memory Game.  I'll soon give a tutorial on this FUN shower game I got from my friend Jen.  I'm the blurry one--not my finest hair or makeup day (always seems to be the case when hosting), so I'm not posting many pics of myself.
Some of the yummy treats . . .

As people brought desserts, we put them on the "dessert tree".  It was gorgeous!


We had so much fun playing with the owl theme.  Here are just SOME of the treats.  Julie brought owl cupcakes, Morgan made dessert nests, I cooked up some owl cake pops and we had a chocolate fountain--DELICIOUS!

We had three round tables in the house.  They fit wonderfully with just a little rearranging of some furniture.
This is the view from the dining room.

The living room . . .

The family room . . .

We love you, Matt and Jenny!  We can't wait to meet this blessed baby!

James 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

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