Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hair Accessory Gifts

So, I showed my husband what I made today and his first words were, "You should have had a girl."  Well, God gave us two amazing boys who I love dearly, but I do love to shop for and make stuff that a girl can wear.  Fortunately, I have four amazing nieces and also friends' daughters who will benefit from my crafting items like these. 

Before I show you pictures, I have to give credit to two blogs where I found beautiful pictures and tutorials.
The first blog is Sugar Bee
Mandy over at Sugar Bee is the sweetest thing--extremely encouraging and her blog is EASY to understand.  Her projects are crafts you would actually use too! If you click on my link for her blog, it will take you to her post where she actually has a video of herself showing readers how to make the twisted fabric flowers--sooo easy!

The second blog is called Trey and Lucy

This was the first blog where I saw the idea of headbands and hairclips wrapped in ribbon.  Tanya shows how to add nice finishing touches to her projects--which I always need help doing.  I still need practice to make the pom poms for the headband she shows (you won't see one yet in this post), but I think it will be worth the effort to practice--darling!

So here are my first attempts. 

First I collected the supplies and broke out my very old and very used glue gun.  This particular glue gun has seen years at home and the classroom, so I don't mind the fact it has seen better days.  We are like old friends.

I have a crush on the shabby chic fabric headband.  The twisted fabric flower and the colors are so fun--especially for little girls.  I tore my fabric to create the rough and stringy effect that makes it unique.

This headband is more subtle, but how cute are the black and white buttons?  This look could be for my older nieces, especially with the white and black color scheme.

Here is a close up of the barrette I made.  It is a clip covered in ribbon and then covered by a twisted ribbon flower.  I used red bandana fabric, which would be so cute for the little girls when wearing a denim dress or black and red outfit.

This looks like a headband, but it is another barrette (I used the headband to prop it up for the picture).  It is very small and dainty, made with black and gray felt flowers.  I covered the clip in black ribbon, just like the other barrette I made.  Again, this color scheme and proportion make it a clip that could be worn by my younger or older nieces.

That was fun!  I love having an hour or so of naptime to get some crafts done--it was really that easy and fast.  I hope you enjoyed the post and found some inspiration for your own creations!

I linked up this post on Sunday at Craft Envy and I Love Naptime.


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  1. Great job! I love that fabric on the first one (I think I have a dress made out of it) - and I too need to perfect pom poms - I tried once and need more practice.... Thanks for the shout out!


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