Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Party Posts

I do like to throw a thematic party, but I'm still amazed when I see my most popular posts are my parties!  I thought it would be helpful to have a post with all the parties I have thrown to date. . . These might not be in the order of the date they were thrown.  I'm linking to the parties as I think of them!  I'll add to this list as new parties happen!

The most popular party by far has been my friend, Jenny's, owl themed baby shower.  I threw this party at my house, but two crafty friends did a lot of the decor.  It was so much fun despite rain that day and moving everything, unexpectedly, inside.

My son's carnival party for his 5 year old birthday was a blast!  We had a popcorn machine, a candy buffet for treat bags and carnival games throughout!

When my youngest turned 2, we had an airplane party!  This was one of my favorite parties.  I loved the colors and the theme.  The boxed lunches were a hit, and what kid doesn't love a plane glider throwing contest?!

My sister in law had a beautiful bridal shower in the fall, so we threw her an autumn themed celebration.  It rained for this party too, so we had tables inside and a beautiful golden, cream and tan glow over our fall festivities.

My youngest had a barnyard birthday bash when he turned 1.  I absolutely loved this theme and the location.

Every year my church has a 500 or so person tea.  Each hostess is in charge of doing a thematic table.  Here is the post on my Paris themed tea party table!

2011's Easter party was full of flowers and fun.

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