Sunday, March 11, 2012

Airplane Party

Micah's airplane party was so much fun!  We had about 50 people over for lunch, a glider throwing contest, bounce house time, and cupcakes.  God gave us a day of sunshine--78 degrees in early March! 

As usual, I didn't take the best pictures.  I don't know how people prep, decorate, hostess the party, interact with guests and take fabulous pictures--I haven't discovered how to do that!  You can get the gist of the party, though.  Enjoy!

Dessert table--almost EVERY pictures has our patio cover lines all over them.  Sorry, folks.  I made a backdrop with blue fleece and "clouds".  I made the center cloud into a 3 for the birthday boy.

I made 60 cupcakes and designed a plane cupcake topper on my Silhouette to stick in about half of the cupcakes.

Forget cupcakes next time.  All the kids swarmed the marshmallow lollipops, which were the easiest thing to make EVER.  I used white chocolate to dip onto the end and added sprinkles.

I made 50 boxed airplane lunches.  The cute boxes are from Polka Dot Market.

I picked up croissant sandwiches from Costco and individually wrapped them in wax paper.  I also added a bag of apple slices and a bag of chips.  This required some prep, but serving lunch and cleaning up was SO easy!

Picnic lunches all around the yard

I made a "pin the propellor on the plane" backboard for a game, which also served as a photo op background.

My mom being a good sport

My five year old posing with the pilot's hat we had as a prop.

Around the yard I hung "cloud" bunches of white balloons with cutouts of planes flying under them.

I had a beverage table labeled "jet fuel."  The straws were from Polka Dot Market.  I designed water bottle wrappers that said Micah is 3!  Nearby we also had a blue bucket full of sodas and juice boxes for the kids.

This is a HORRID picture (but at least you can see my large patio cover which slotted all my pictures), but I had traditional paper airplanes folded in orange hanging all over the patio on clear thread.  We had a fun breeze that kept them blowing around throughout the day.

Of course I made a banner in the party colors.  It welcomed people onto the lawn area with the bounce house, swingset and small toddler climber/slide.
I've mentioned this fact on my blog before, but find some friends you trust and go in together for a bounce house.  We went in with two other couples and got this bounce house and have used it too many times to count.  We found ours at

We had a glider throwing contest.  There is the birthday boy in front.  The kids loved this.  I picked up a pack of 75 gliders from Oriental Trading Company, and it was a HIT!

A lot of the dads got in on the fun!

The birthday boy!

The same candle we used for Carter's 3rd birthday.  Aw!

Blowing out his candle . . .

We had some fun balloons from Polka Dot Market.

Entryway right as guests walked in the door.

Goodie bags--2 lollipops, a glider, and a chocolate covered Twinkie.

Chocolate covered Twinkies! 

What a great "flight" we had!  Thanks for sharing our adventures!
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  1. Looks like fun!! Good job!!



  2. You are so creative! Love the box lunch idea! - Sandra S. your CBC FB friend.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! I loved the easy clean up and distribution of the lunch boxes! Sandra, I saw you didn't like Pinterest--Ack! It is a lot like Friday Favorites, only better. What can I do to help you fall in love with it!?

  3. Cute ideas Chiara! Looks like a fun time was had by all! Happy birthday to Micah :)

  4. The clouds (white balloons) above the airplane is BRILLIANT. You executed your theme flawlessly.

    amy @

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! It was a very fun party, and my 3 year old thought it was the best day ever! :)

  5. Oh my gosh I absolutely love this! So clever!!! I have my son's 1st birthday coming up and I just might have to copy this idea ; )

    1. Thank you! Copy away--that is the best part of creative blogs, sharing ideas. Have a wonderful birthday party for your son!

  6. Would you be willing to share the cupcake topper airplane template? I'm trying to make them for a baby shower soon!


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