Monday, March 5, 2012


It is so funny how God encourages us when we encourage others.  Here I had a plan to use my blog and Etsy shop opening to bring attention to those encouragers in our lives, and God heaped a big 'o dollop of grace and blessing into my own day.  Within hours of posting my first Etsy sign, it sold!  It wasn't bought by friends or family either--my first thought when I saw that it had sold--hee, hee.  God is so good!

I love that some of you have written some great notes about encouragers in your life.  If you haven't entered the giveaway and told me about an encourager you admire, go to this post and comment! 

I had a hard time narrowing down an encourager to highlight.  My husband is my number one encourager--always taking time to listen to me "blah, blah, blah" about things I know he would never purposely choose to discuss if it weren't for me in his life.  He is so patient with me.  My mom and dad and in-laws are great encouragers.  They do so much for me through prayer, spending time with my kids, helping us do house projects and loving us in innumerable ways.  Our church family is a tremendous encouragement.  I truly feel that my close friends at church are like family to me--they are my brothers and sisters in Christ! 

However, I have one couple whose story I want to share with my readers specifically.  Michelle (above pic) and her husband are leaders in the marriage ministry we co-lead at our church.  Michelle just had a baby in January.  She has two boys, and this time she had a GIRL!  Yay!

At the end of her pregnancy and right after giving birth, Michelle was having problems with her memory and motor skills.  She couldn't type easily, forgot simple skills, etc.  She chalked a lot of it up to mommy brain, fatigue with her newborn and the craziness of three young kids. 

Finally, Michelle went to the ER with her husband when her headaches started.  They were terrible.  Something wasn't right.  Michelle found out on a Sunday night last month, about a month after having her little girl, that she had a tumor in her brain the size of a baseball.  She had brain surgery that Thursday, where they removed half of the tumor.
This is a picture of the tumor (the white mass).

She found out that the tumor isn't cancerous just in the last 2 weeks, but she is still suffering from some confusion and her right leg isn't back to normal motor skill.  She will need a second surgery to try and get the rest of the tumor.

This trial has brought out her light to shine for others even more.  Everyone who talks to her says the same thing, "You are such an example to me in this trial!  You have encouraged me with your trust in God and patience with your circumstances." 

Michelle's example has given me an eternal perspective and encouraged me in my walk.  I have realized how much I can impact others for God's glory when I respond to circumstances, and I have been motivated anew to follow the example of Paul  (and Michelle) and be content in all circumstances. 

Thank you, Michelle!  I love you, friend, and I cherish your example and encouragement to be a proper ambassador for Christ!

If you want to read about Michelle's journey and laugh at her CRAZY, AMAZING sense of humor, her blog is Ain't No Supermom.

Don't forget to tell me about your encourager here.  You could win a handpainted scripture sign for yourself and your encourager!

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  1. Sweet Chiara-I just reread this post and I am so thankful for you. You are so kind and I appreciate your encouraging words! Thank you for spurring me on! You are such a loving friend. xo


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