Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autumn Themed Bridal Shower

My beautiful sister in law, Katie, above, is getting married in December.  A couple of months ago, I ran some fun, bridal shower theme ideas by her, and she loved the idea of a cream, gold, white and tan autumn shower.  It was so fun putting all the pieces in place, and I got to plan and prep with my other beautiful sister in law, Sarah.

It was raining, which was predicted, so we decorated and held the event inside.  Katie had a fantastic day, and it was so fun to see her smiling and glowing with happiness as we celebrated her upcoming wedding!

For the menu, we had a "He popped the question popcorn bar" for appetizers as guests arrived.  I made cones to hold the popcorn, which I bought from the Ma and Pa Kettlecorn store. 

After guests had mingled, we served lunch, which was a harvest salad, cornbread muffins and fruit kabobs.  I'll post the recipe for the harvest salad this week.  It is a go-to recipe for parties.

We also had a coffee bar set up in the kitchen and lemonade and water in another little serving area.

Finally, we ended with sweet treats. 
We had a caramel trifle, which I found off Pinterest here.  I will share this recipe later.  I would make some flavor and ingredient adjustments, which I'll share later.  It was still delicious, though.

We also had double chocolate, sour cream, chocolate chip cake pops and cake balls.  I'll also share that recipe soon!  Finally, my sister in law made a beautiful plate of pumpkin bread to round out the autumn theme.

If you have read about my candy bar baby shower game here, we adapted it to a wedding shower theme.  I'll write an upcoming post with those candies and words soon.  Here is the board after we played the game. . .

To end the party, we gave each guest a caramel apple with Heath bar and drizzled chocolate.  I used my Silhouette to make autumn leaves and write a cute little tag that tied in with the autumn theme.

It was a wonderful day and party.  Here are some more pics!  Thanks for stopping by!

My beautiful sisters in law


I didn't get a very good picture of the pretty banner I made, but you get the idea. . .

New apron

The guests

Marina made a beautiful ribbon bouquet

Katie and my mother in law, Susan.

We love you, Katie!  We had fun celebrating with you!


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