Monday, November 28, 2011

First Calico and Cupcakes Boutique Wrap Up

I had my first boutique sale at my home yesterday.  It was amazing!  I loved chatting with friends and family and just seeing the beautiful items the other vendors brought.  It was a blazing 80 degrees here in Orange County, so the holiday mood was all INSIDE my house. 

I made a variety of Christmas decorations, which are my favorite crafts to make all year long.  Most of my items were sold, and have a long list of orders to craft this week.  Yay!  Here is a picture walk through the day!

I forgot to take pictures until half way through the day, so the cutest items are gone.  Here is the full, beautiful ribbon wreath in cream and gold on Calico and Cupcakes' table

Yarn Christmas Trees made from fluffy white yarn

Joy letters were the hit of the day.  I must admit, they make me happy too!

Nativity signs and canvases were a great addition.

I added white trim to this sign on a whim, and everyone loved it.  They said it reminded them of snow or Santa's suit trim.

Burlap wrapped vertical joy banners

My favorite banner--Emmanuel--was sold early, and I didn't get a picture of it.  I am making 2 more special order, so I hope to get a picture of one of those.

I love the little scalloped details on the edges of the dark red.

Here is a picture of the Calico and Cupcakes area, but, again, it was half way through the day, and a lot of the best items were gone.  It was fun, though!

My friend, Beth, sews darling creations and has a shop called Sew Blue Boutique.  Here are some of her beautiful items.

Her cute display of hand sewn items

Beth also handcrafts cute signs for the home.  I bought one for our entryway.

She has two little girls and makes the sweetest clothes for girls.

Full and soft  flower pins

Scarves and sunglass cases

My friend, Meredith, has a shop called Simple Purity.  She makes handmade, organic skincare products and she also sews beautiful pillows.  Here are some pictures of her lovely items.  I bought some of the lotions and a lip balm.

I didn't do her soft, beautiful pillows justice in these photos.  The wool felt creations were my favorite, but they were all gorgeous.

Her skincare products are so affordable!  Plus, they smell great and work wonders on dry skin spots.

My friends, Lisa and Erica, sold Premier Jewelry.  I have never been a huge fan of the normal jewelry party fare, but they have won me over BIG time with Premier!  I hosted a party for Lisa in the fall, and every party I attend, I have new items I LOVE.  Here is their beautiful set-up:

Finally, my friend, Lillian, is an AMAZING baker.  She has a business baking goodies for parties, so she made hot toffee cake, apple tarts, red velvet cupcakes and chocolate cookies for free for the party.  What a treat!  I didn't get any good pictures of the food!  There were always a lot of people gathered there partaking of the goodies!

That toffee cake on the yellow mat was AMAZING!  Everyone had a hard time choosing their favorite of the treats.

It was fun!  We have already talked about doing it again in the spring . . . stay tuned!

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  1. I am SO sad I missed this!!!!! Can you have another one??? :-)


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