Friday, November 18, 2011

Harvest Salad

Well, before I get into the recipe for this yummy salad, I have to be honest with you all.  Friday Favorites posts might be taking a break for a little while.  I have found that Pinterest has replaced a need for me to highlight fun crafts, recipes, and parties.  Most of my blog readers are now on Pinterest, and I have noticed a dropped interest in the Friday highlights since people started joining Pinterest, which essentially highlights great projects 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Since I am extremely busy with two boys, a husband looking for work, a ministry I co-lead at church and a beginning stages shop, the time I spend gathering, linking and writing up the favorites does not seem worth the amount of interest it currently holds.  I'd love your thoughts, though.  If the only thing you like about Calico and Cupcakes is the Friday Favorites, let me know.  I want to do my best to make this blog an interesting, fun, and creative place to visit!

Okay, this recipe is courtesy of my lovely sister's mother in law.  Our families are close and spend many holiday's together, and when I first tasted this salad, I KNEW I had to get the recipe.  She calls it a "Cornucopia Salad," and it is truly full of tasty goodies. 

Bring the salad to Thanksgiving, serve it at a baby or bridal shower, or just make a wonderful meal for your family.  It is a perfect autumn salad!

Harvest Salad
1/2 cup of candied nuts or a bag of honey coated almond slivers in the salad section
1/2 head of Romaine, torn
1/2 head of butter lettuce, torn
1 cup of chopped celery
4 chopped green onions
11 ounce can of mandarin orange slices
1 avocado cut into chunks
1 apple diced (Granny Smith are a great variety)
1/4 cup of craisins or other berry
1/2 cup of feta or blue cheese, crumbled
3 chicken breasts grilled and chopped or a double package of Tyson cooked chicken strips, cooked

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground pepper
1/4 cup of veg. oil
1 Tablespoon chopped parsley
2 Tablespoons of sugar
2 Tablespoons of white wine vinegar
Mix and pour over salad when ready to serve.


  1. Calico and Cupcakes Friday Favorites is something I dearly love! I look forward to it every week, really look forward to it. I will miss it dreadfully. :(

  2. I'll miss C&C too! ...but what is a beginning stages shop??!

  3. Mary Beth, Calico and Cupcakes is here to stay for sure--just the Friday Favorites are taking a break for a bit. I need to think about a way to make them relevant and helpful for the readers now that Pinterest exists. Perhaps starting a linky party in the New Year. : ) The shop is my etsy shop, which is open, but nothing is listed yet. I am holding a Christmas boutique at my home next weekend with some other ladies with shops, and, after that, I'll start filling up the Etsy shop online!
    Thank you to both you and Sandra for being such encouragers!


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