Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monogrammed Trays

It is Teacher Appreciation Week.  The teachers love their posters I made from the class!  You can see those "super" posters here.

I also wanted to make a practical, cute and not too expensive gift for the teachers.  We are bringing them little things each day of the week.

I saw perfect, summer melamine trays at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 14.99.  I snatched 2 of them up and monogrammed them with a big, 'ol summery white letter (I used vinyl cut on my Silhouette machine).

Here is the tray before . . .

Here is the tray after . . .

My little kindgergartener melted my heart this morning by saying he wanted to buy his OWN gift for his teachers.  He gets a dollar a week for his allowance, so he came in grasping $3.00 from his piggy bank.  He decided to get them a "fancy coffee" from Starbucks, but I told him they are each more expensive than 1.50 (he has two teachers because they share a contract in his class).  He wouldn't hear of me chipping in to add to his 1.50 for the coffee (a tall caramel machiatto to be exact).  Each cost 3.55, so he paid for it all.  That made this mommy's day!  I'm so proud of his generous little heart.

If you need an easy gift for a sister or friend for Mother's Day, try monogramming a tray!  I want one too!

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