Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallows are my new best friend.  I have made cake pops a few times, and they aren't difficult, but I find them time consuming.  I hate lengthy projects.  I need a lot of bang for a little effort--sad but true.

That is why I love marshmallows.  Marshmallow pops, which I made for the first time last fall, are the easiest and cutest things ever!  I served them up at my son's airplane party, and the kids couldn't get enough.  Cupcakes, shmupcakes.  They were all about the marshmallow pops.

When my oldest had his birthday this last month too, I had to make treats for his 30 kindergartener friends at school.  I decided to make two marshmallow pops for each kid.  Even though I was making 60 marshmallow pops, it was done in a VERY short amount of time.

Simply pop a marshmallow on a decorative lollipop stick or straw, dip it in melted chocolate and add any decorative candies, sprinkles, etc. that makes you happy.

My cake pop/marshmallow pop holder trick:  I buy floral foam (cheaper than styrofoam) and wrap it in wrapping paper that matches the theme/colors of the party.  Wrap a coordinating ribbon around.  Finally, punch holes with a thin screwdriver and you are done!  I don't unwrap the foam but keep just adding the paper over the other paper (I do remove the ribbon).  This keeps the foam stable and lasting party after party.

Try them!  I promise you'll love them!

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