Wednesday, January 19, 2011

John 11

Almost a week ago, a friend of ours lost his battle with cancer. He was 46 and left behind a wife and two sons, 13 months and 3. Their family was in our marriage ministry at church, and it was so painful watching him get diagnosed with cancer in August and declining in health until he passed away last Thursday.
Yet, even in this deep grief and pain, we are glad he is not in pain anymore and, because he is a Christian, we know he is with Christ in Heaven. We mourn for his wife and boys. Our Women's Bible Study was studying John 11 this week, and it was soothing to our church family as we are mourning this week. It is the chapter where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. It is also the chapter where Jesus weeps over the reality of physical death. He cares for us and grieves that sin has brought this reality of physical death into our lives. We are comforted in knowing God cares for us, and that He has conquered death's sting for us. Our spiritual death is solved by the cross, and that is a far greater joy than physical death's sorrow.
The memorial and reception are at church this Friday.  Please be praying for Sheri and her boys, Jacob and Matthew.

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