Saturday, January 8, 2011

53 Weekly Themes: Photo 365 Project: Week 1 "Newness"

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that I am not a professional photographer.  I've never had a class.  Shutter speed--what is that?  Seriously.  I'm lost.  Like a toddler trying to get into mommy's makeup drawer, I'm fascinated by this artsy subject that is way over my head.  Still, God made me creative, and I like that creative part of photography.

SO, I found out about this fun photography project from a friend on Facebook.  It is a blog that challenges you to take a picture every day.  To help, the post gives you 53 weekly themes to motivate your picture ideas.  You can see the post and the themes here.

I KNOW I won't take a picture every day, but I thought it would be doable to take a photo a week that follows the theme of the week.  Then, I'll post it on my blog.  It won't be photographic genius.  It won't be in any art shows, but it will be fun and creative.

This would be a fun linky post for people who want to post their photo, but I just joined the crafting blogging world a month ago.  I don't think I'm ready to host a linky post party.  Maybe in the near future. . .

So, start this fun project with me!  The first theme is already ending--we are a week into January.  The theme for the first week is "newness".  : ) 

I put my "newness" pictures at the top of this post--First, I took a picture of my blogsite on my laptop.  I am new to having a craft blog, and I enjoy it immensely!  I love the inspiration I get from my readers and from others' blogs.  It is a newness I am greatly enjoying.

I also posted a picture of my 1 year old's new smile for the camera.  Until this picture, he usually just stared agape at the camera or actually looked away with indifference.  He has realized mommy loves when he poses with a smile, so he has created this beautifully, goofy smile when I aim the camera at him.  I love this new look!

Finally, I posted a picture of Genesis 1:1 for several reasons.  For several years now, I have read through the Bible in a year.  If you are interested in a Bible reading schedule done for you, you can find both the schedule and passages at Compass Bible Church's Daily Bible Reading.  Use the arrows/calendar to get to the day on which you are reading.  It is a new year, and I am back in Genesis, which is the book of the Bible that tells us about the newness of the earth that God is creating.  I liked the fact that the sun was hitting the page and the presence of shadow and light were so perfect for the passage in the Bible where God is creating light out of darkness.

Alright, I will see you with a similar photography post next week with a photo or photos on the theme "cold".

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  1. How fun Chiara! I'm doing a Project 365 too, but it's something I'm doing on my own, not linking up to a site. Maybe I should try that! Loving your blog! You have so many creative things on here ;o) I'm excited for Valentine's day crafts!
    Be blessed!


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