Friday, February 3, 2012

Superbowl Grub

I love football, but I am more of a college sport follower than a pro football fan.  However, like the rest of America, I love the chance for a party, fun commercial watching and FOOD when the Superbowl arrives.

What fun snacks and meals do you eat?  It is fun when guests all bring a dish and you can concentrate on just a creative dish or two.  I thought I'd share some ideas that caught the attention of my stomach . . . er . . . eye.

The Food Network gives us chorizo and shrimp quesadillas with smoky guacamole.  It is a Rachel Ray recipe, so it is most likely straight forward.  The reviews are through the roof, and we are big quesadilla fans here!

Here is another fun traditional food with a twist:  Grilled Potato Skins with the fixings!  This is also rated easy by The Food Network.  They have a video showing you how to make this tasty treat if you follow the link.

If you are setting out snacks from a bag, how about making a creative BOWL?  The Food Network Magazine shares this fun and easy project for a "super bowl."

Safeway, yes Safeway, had this easy peasy recipe for cheddar, ranch, bacon pinwheels.  What is there not to love about crescent rolls, cheese, bacon, ranch and green onion?  Yummo!

What if you are eating healthy, like me?  How about baked zucchini fries?  These make me think I'm splurging on my diet!

Share what fun recipe you are making!  I'm sure I'll be making something the boys and Ryan will eat:  maybe a yummy spin on a hamburger.  You can read about creative hamburger ingredients and recipes at my old post here.  Enjoy Superbowl Sunday!

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