Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Chalkboard

I went to the Target dollar bin and filled a baggie with little odds and ends for my two little Valentines this year.  I also wanted to make my kindergartener something fun with items I had around the house.  He is really excited about writing, so I decided to use scrap wood and left over chalkboard paint to make him a chalkboard for Valentine's Day.

First I took the 12 inch by 12 inch piece of thin plywood I had left from a trip to Michael's.

I painted white acrylic craft paint over the surface.  I painted two coats.

I then--because I'm lazy and didn't want to hook up my Silhouette (someday I'll have a desk where it is permanently set up)--handdrew a heart on paper, cut it out, and then traced it onto the wet paint.  I wasn't concerned about the mess in the heart because that was getting painted.

I painted the inside of the heart with chalkboard paint and let it dry.

I covered the edges with glued red ric rac.  Voila!  This was fast, easy and will entertain him for hours.

Have fun writing messages, my little buddy!

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