Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bunco Night and Headbands

Today is my sweet niece's birthday.  She is seven.  Having two boys, I jump at the rare chance to make anything girly--ruffles galore.  So, though I bought her a present she wanted at the toy store, I had to make a couple of headbands for her!

I had leftover wool felt from my Thrive (our church's marriage ministry) leader wives craft night, and a pile of those elastic headbands that are great for exercising (or just being seven--or thirty something, for that matter).

I had no plan--just to experiment with glue and felt.  I ended up making 4 felt bows and tucking them into a ruffled strip of felt.  I don't sew, so I used hot glue, but those of you sassy sewers could whip this up quickly with a needle and thread.  The pictures don't do these justice.  They are REALLY cute!  I love when you have no idea what you are doing and it just works--whew!

I love grey felt too.  I don't love the purple headband with it, but it is for a SEVEN year old.  The store only had neon, bright colored headbands.  I am on the hunt for neutral colored ones now to make more.

I thought I'd model it--now I want one!

My favorite

Then, last night, Thrive had an all group activity.  Our amazing activity team planned an amazing night.  We have about 300 people on our ministry roster, so all group activities are big and FUN!  These nights are all about meeting others and just having intentional fellowship. 

We had about 100 people come to play Bunco.  What a great night!

I did much better than past years (three Buncos within two rounds!), but I still was waaaay behind the winners.  Here are some pictures of the night--the red hat is for when anyone yells, "Bunco!" 

Directions/Rule time

Silly hubby

Our activities leader, Justin.  He is THE funniest person you will ever meet.

Love this ministry!

Josh and Jenny

Table 1, the winner table, had See's Candy.  The loser table had vienna sausages, pickled tomatoes, kiddie chairs and sailor hats.


This is our WINNER of the night--Diane.  I have NO idea why, but she is sitting at the loser table in this picture.


Megan got Bunco!

Andrea got a Bunco!

Go Josh!

DJ Darren--our friend Darren had fun playing music, keeping us energetic and chair dancing.

Ice cream sandwich break!

A blurry picture of me wearing the Bunco hat

Megan's score card!

Figuring out the winners

It was a ton of fun!

Happy weekend to all of you!

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