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Hip, Hip Hooray for Hamburgers

                            Hamburger Clip Art
I always thought it would be interesting to fly around the county and see the different takes on hamburgers in different states.  There is definitely a California slant on hamburgers where I live--lots of avocado, and turkey and veggie burgers are everywhere you go.  I have my favorites though.  Inspired by the Pioneer Woman's Favorite Hamburger post, I thought sharing different hamburger recipes would be a fun summer post.  Warning:  This post is not diet sensitive.  There are many high calorie and high fat items being discussed.  Alright, continue reading.  You've been warned.

The Ryan Burger
Unlike me, my husband hates condiments, so his favorite hamburger that I make is a flavor filled patty, so you don't add much to the hamburger after it is done.  I mix one and a half pounds of meat with grated parmesan cheese, dashes of worschestire sauce, and Lawry's Seasoning Salt to taste.  After forming patties, I top each burger with Muenster cheese (hubby likes MELLOW cheese) and a toasted bun.  I love the condiments, but I like very little to no lettuce and tomato on my burger.  I want to taste the MEAT!  I don't mind a bunch of avocado on top, though.  Everything is better with avocado.

Teriyaki Burger
Teriyaki burgers are yummy.  One of my favorites is at The Habit.  I tasted my first teriyaki burger at The Habit in Santa Barbara.  Deliciousness. 
Mix your hamburger meat with teriyaki sauce and some dashes of cracked pepper.  Form the meat into patties.  While grilling, at the end, top the patties with swiss cheese and onion straws or rings.  Have fun with this and add a ring of pineapple on top of the burger.  If you are like me, a couple slices of bacon sound good right about now too . . .

BBQ Burger
Barbeque burgers are scrumptious.  I don't just mean grilled burgers when I say bbq.  I mean barbeque like a western cheeseburger.  Salt and pepper your meat, and I would add a dash of BBQ sauce to the meat before forming patties.  Top with your favorite slices of cheese while finishing the grilling process.  This hamburger needs to be on a toasted bun with lots of ooey gooey bbq sauce, an unhealthy amount of bacon, and crispy onion rings.  Yum.  P.S.  Don't ever look at the calorie/fat content of a Western Bacon Cheeseburger.  You will spit it out in amazement.

Here are some other hamburger variations/recipes thanks to  Enjoy the delicious inspiration!

Goya submitted a chipotle cheeseburger with kick.  I love spice, especially on the bbq, so this looks like a good variation.
Chipotle Cheeseburger Recipe

Chris's Bay Area burgers submitted by Gavin look fresh and delicious.  The key ingredient in these burgers is basil--yum!  Reviewers liked less salt than the recipe lists, but the results were really favorable. . .
Chris' Bay Area Burger Recipe

Quiksmyle gave us a Blue Cheeseburger that got RAVE reviews.  One cook added bacon to the burger too, which sounded good to me!  Bacon not only tastes great, but it would help make the burgers moist.  A lot of cooks said they also added even more blue cheese than the recipe says.  Yummo!
Blue Cheese Burgers Recipe

Here is another spicy recipe.  These burgers are stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese.  Again, the reviews are favorable and this had me drooling.  This Jalapeno and Cream Cheeseburger was submitted by Noelle C.
Cream Cheese Jalapeno Hamburgers Recipe

Finally, we end with a Gyro Burger.  This lamb and beef mixture brings back memories of our trip to Athens and Santorini.  Chef Kenneth gives us this wonderful twist on the burger.  One reviewer added Feta cheese, which would really make this taste Greek!
Gyros Burgers Recipe

Happy grilling!

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