Thursday, August 18, 2011

WITWW: Kindergarten Lessons: 8-18-11

Along with many moms this time of year, I am asking myself, "Where did the time go?"  My oldest is starting kindergarten, but it seems like just a few weeks ago I was changing his diapers, walking him around the house during his fussy hour and picking up spilled cheerios from his snacky cup. 
I am so proud of how much he has matured and grown.  He is a very active little boy, and he has gained much in the area of self control and discernment. 
Like other moms, I'll get weepy and sentimental when I drop him off at his first day of school this year.  I will grieve the loss of my baby and my dependent little guy, but I'll also realize it is a natural progression that God allows. 
From the day he was born, my son has slowly been growing physically, emotionally, and, I pray, in the knowledge of God; so he can leave my home and live life on his own someday.  God blesses us with children "on lease".  They are His, and He entrusts us to train them, love them, and help them gain independence so He can use them in their own lives--apart from mom and dad.
Included in being a godly mom is realizing I am not in control of their lives--God is.  From each sickness God allows to their safety; from which teacher they get to which friends are in their class or lives; and from which subject they love to which lessons might be a struggle, God has ordained it all ahead of time. 
God gave me a very enthusiastic, loving, energetic little boy five and a half years ago.  He is using each of my son's apparent "strengths" and "weaknesses" for His glory and to train him up so He can use him in specific moments of time and in specific situations.  It is just the beginning as I let go of his little hand, wave goodbye and watch the kindgergarten door close.  I'm fairly sure I'll have to hold back tears, but, in all this, I am thankful and confident God is in control.

Psalm 28:7
The LORD is my strength and my shield;in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;my heart exults,and with my song I give thanks to him.


  1. Well said! I often think of our children as being "on lease" as well. We're here to make sure that they are taught the right paths so they can walk them some day without us. Enjoy the next phase of mommyhood!

  2. What a wonderful post.......thanks for your words. :)

  3. It is certainly helpful to know that God is in control and entrust Carter into His hands...


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