Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites: August 5, 2011

I apologize for the gap in posts this week.  I got back from our Ohio trip on Wednesday night and have had a whirlwind of catching up.  I'll post some Ohio trip pictures soon--after I weed through the many, many pictures.  I'm still don't quite feel rested and settled again, which is why the Friday Favorites is late today.  I think you'll find some good ideas, though.

I pulled a few ideas off of Pinterest this week.   Are you on Pinterest?  If you'd like an invitation to participate, let me know and I'll send you an invite!  It is such a wonderful website, and the phone app is great.  It completely feeds my creative side, which I love!

Enjoy the ideas this week, and have a fabulous weekend!

Ice Cream before Dinner made cinnamon roll pops for a brunch.  What a cute idea!  I love when presentation ideas add charm and are easy!

I found these dessert stands by Centsational Girl.  She went to Goodwill to get glasses and plates.  After adhering them together, she spray painted them.  I love this idea.  Spray paint is such a great invention.  If you need coordinating trays and tiers for a party, this is a cheap way to make your displays look great!  A cheap tray would work well too!

cg pink orange dessert stands

This idea was on Pinterest and came from Wilton's.  They sell a cookie bowl tin, but really all you need is an upside down muffin tin and some cookie dough.  Voila!  Cookie bowls for fruit, ice cream or pudding--whatever your heart desires.  Yum and fun!
Sugar Cookie Bowls

The Party Dress gave us a modern spin on the caprese salad--one of my favorites.  How fun would this be to serve as a salad course at a dinner party?
Caprese Salad

Paddycake and Peekaboo made apple butter and shared the recipe.  I was just in Ohio at a little Amish town where they specialize in maple syrup and apple butter.  I promised my kids I would find a recipe and make our own apple butter.  Voila!  Here you go, and it looks delish!
The Crafty CPA made paint sample coasters.  They are gorgeous and super fun!  This would be a fun little hostess gift, and they are super affordable to make!  I love Mod Podge projects!
Craft made bacon strip pancakes.  Though my kiddos might not appreciate this, the adults in my family certainly would.  What a fun idea to mix it up a little!

Come Together Kids made smore mix for the go.  Genius.  I wish I had known about this before the 6 hour plane ride.  I now have it filed in the kid recipe index!  My boys would, of course, love this as a special treat!

School is starting soon, and Crissy's Craft has a cute starting school idea!  I have my oldest starting kindergarten this year, and I have always loved the book The Kissing Hand.  I would read it to my students too when I was a teacher. 

The last idea is off of Pinterest.  It is a braided infinity scarf.  I don't speak German, and this is listed on a German Etsy type shop, but I do understand pretty--and this is pretty.  I love the color and it looks fairly easy to make!  I am thinking nice fabric or even sheets cut into strips, hem and braid some sections.  It is hard to think about scarfs in summer, though.  You'll thank me in December.
geflochtener °°loopina°° aus jersey in mint


  1. Oooo.... I'm loving everything you featured :D

  2. I made the bacon strip pancakes last night for dinner and they were YUMMY! Thanks for sharing these.


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