Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday Favorites: 8-12-11

I'm posting Friday Favorites a day early because we are off for an extended weekend in Lake Arrowhead with Ryan's family!

Have fun with all the creative inspiration!

Ashley Anne Photography photographed fabric mod podged onto flower pots.  I love this idea!  You can coordinate with your home decor and really add punch in a garden window, a bathroom, a shelf or a wall unit. 

Wren Handmade made foam baby blocks with fabric.  This would be a sweet idea for a baby gift, especially with cute fabrics.  It does involve sewing, but EASY PEASY sewing.

Design Dazzle made fabric bandaids with glue dots and scrap fabric.  This would be a really cute little gift for a girl.  A boy could get away with these if you do dinos, sports, or superhero fabrics.

I found these beautiful apple candles on Tumblr by Are So Happy.  What a fun, festive idea for fall!

The Cutest blog put jello in hollowed out orange shells and sliced them up for beautiful and creative fun!

Having Fun at Home had a great idea for the bath:  colored shaving cream for painting and playing!  My boys would love this!

Jen Johnson's blog had the cutest idea--and the photos on her blog are AMAZING!  Put your baby in front of a mirror, white board, or chalkboard and write down the milestone and the date.  Keep a photo journal and you will remember when your little one rolled over, crawled, walked, said ma-ma, etc.  GENIUS!

The Accidental Hostess had a healthy and yummy idea--frozen grapesicles.  String grapes on a skewer or popsicle stick and then freeze them.  Yum!  What a great treat on a hot afternoon!

I'm going to end today's Friday Favorites with Fashion inspiration I found this week.  Have fun!
ruffly shoes
Tres awesome shared these ruffle shoes.

A Dannijo bracelet.

Emma Stine earrings. had a beautiful top. had this beautiful dress.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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