Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A busy (but fun!) vacation

My family spent 12 days roaming Ohio and Canada.  We spent 2 days near Marysville, OH visiting Ryan's brother and his wife.  Then we drove to Cedar Point and spent 2 full days playing there and going to Put in Bay on a ferry.  After that, we spent 3 days near Chagrin Falls, where my hubby spent much of his childhood and high school years.  The next stop was Canada--seeing Niagra Falls and Toronto (and a surprise visit to Canada's Wonderland--similar to Cedar Point Amusement Park).  Finally, we ended with a night at Geneva on the Lake in Ohio. 

We had such a wonderful time as a family.  Our five year old is OBSESSED with roller coasters and water slides, so, since we went to Cedar Point--both the amusement and water parks, Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom, Canada's Wonderland AND a tiny waterpark in Geneva on the Lake, he thought this was the best vacation ever!  By the way, all those parks except the tiny Geneva one, were FREE (including parking) with our Knott's Berry Farm passes.  CRAZY!  They are all owned by Cedar Fair, which is one reason we got Knott's passes this year instead of Disneyland.  (I do miss Disneyland, though).

Here are some pictures of our trip--we are very blessed!

Two happy boys at Cedar Point

Watching Snoopy videos and drinking lemonade after a long day of rides.


Cedar Point--Planet Snoopy area

We now have a bumper car enthusiast--he's really good at driving!

Chagrin Falls

Science Museum in Cleveland

Fun play area at the science museum in Cleveland

Hiking in the Chagrin Falls area--it isn't raining, but it is HUMID!

Going through Put in Bay

Downtown Cleveland

This is not zoomed or doctored.  Our room view at Niagra Falls--AMAZING!  My hubby spent a lot of time on the phone getting a room with such a great view.

Another new family hobby--mini golf (Niagra Falls)


Getting ready for the "Behind the Falls" tour

Visiting Ryan's old High School

Me, a raincoat and water (Niagra Falls)


Another view from the room at Niagra Falls, but this time the "American Falls"

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