Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites: August 19, 2011

We are gearing up for school starting in a couple of weeks.  This week, I tried to give you a few "first day of school" ideas.  Enjoy a little creative fun as you think about the new routines just around the corner.

Poppies at Play came up with the cutest idea--Ding Dong Ditching your friends.  This one doesn't just involve a doorbell and running away.  Rather, you can't do so unless you leave this cute printable on a package of chocolate yummies!
Ding Dong Ditching {activity for kids}

Besides new clothes and backpacks, it is fun to do something special for your student on the first day of school.  Here are a few creative ideas.
Rook No. 17 made a cute lunch treat using Smarties candies.

Funky Lunch is a blog devoted to those creative, fun lunches.  This Mater design would make my 5 year old's day!  She gives a tutorial on how to create this fun sandwich!
Tow Mater from Cars

OhDeeDoh also loves Funky Lunches.  She shares a few of their cute sandwich creations on her post too!  Here is a fun caterpillar creation.

There's a 1st for everything also made a cute lunch treat using goldfish crackers.  You'll get an F in spelling, but I think it is an A plus for fun.

Eighteen25 used one of the back to school supplies as a cute encouragement card for the student's first day.

If you are ending summer with a pool party for the kids, here are some cute ideas.  Party Frosting was hosting a nautical shower, but these napkin ties are PERFECT for an end of summer pool party.

Cupcake takes the Cake shared a really EASY cupcake decorating idea.  This could also tie into a pool party theme.

Martha Stewart gave us a centerpiece or dessert idea for a fishy swim party.  This one is edible and oh, so cute!

Finally, brown boots are everywhere for fall.  If you have to buy ONE color, buy brown.  Wear them with a short skirt and tights, leggings or skinny jeans.  A taller boot than usual and a wedge heel are two trend spots for the season.  Here are some fashion ideas off Pinterest.  You can find all these pictures on my Pinterest account under "Fashion" or "Casual Momma Clothes."  If you click on the picture on Pinterest, it will tell you where to find the outfit and take you to the website.  If you are on pinterest, you can follow my boards and find me at

i want long hair. and this whole outfit!
way cute
fall style
so cute:)
I wish it was Autumn already!! :(
Love it!!
Casual and still cute--chic mom

So, share with the other readers where you find cute boots at a good price.  The 6th outfit down has 66 dollar boots from H&M.
St. John's Bay® 'Andie' Leather Knee-High Boot
These boots above are from JC Penney for 99 dollars from St. John's Bay.
Olsenboye 'Indigo' Boot
These lighter brown boots are 49.99 at JC Penney.
Decree® 'Laurie' Boot
Again, JC Penney for 59.99.

This light brown boot is 99 dollars at Victoria Secret.

These are 158 dollars at Victoria Secret.  I like the buckle detail and small heel to keep it casual.

Where do you like to find your boots?  Share with us!

I hope you enjoyed the creative ideas! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Chiara- love the fashion inspiration! funny thing- that lady in front of the yellow door is my friend from Canada... her name is Kari and she has a great blog and an etsy shop Enjoy!


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