Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites: August 26, 2011

After all our brown boot talk last week, I went out an got a cute pair from Cathy Jean for 60 dollars.  They are having 25 and 50% off sales right now at Cathy Jean, so the boots are a really great price!  Did anyone else find any brown boot deals?

This week, I found really fun ideas--as always.  I am so thankful for computers and blogs. I just feed my creativity through everyone else's amazing ideas--I could never come up with this on my own!

Brown Paper Packages came up with a cute first day of school teacher gift.  I think every teacher deserves a little chocolate on the first day of school--after weeks of meetings, setting up their classroom and prepping for the year.  This is an easy and delicious idea.

Oops!  I Craft my Pants (I don't come up with the names, people) made another cheap and creative teacher gift.  Find a pretty and nicely scented lotion and attach this tag to it! 

Kid's With a Vision (KWAV's) shared a blessing bag idea.  It is a great idea to make some of these with your kids, especially now that fall is coming up and a lot of us make "thankful" leaves or trees with our families.  Basically, these bags are necessity kits that you can keep in your car to give to needy or homeless.

Epsom salt looks like glitter snow.  It is a great decorating tool for the holidays.  The Inspired Room shared how she uses candles and epsom salt to make snowy and expensive-looking holiday candles.  Beautiful!

School is starting for many older siblings, but what educational centers and games can we play with those still at home?  Growing in Pre-K has some creative and fun math center ideas.  Many of these activities can be done independently and then you can check in to check accuracy when it is warranted. 

Helping Little Hands gives us a fun AND educational game for those really little ones, especially those boys!  Create a color practice "parking lot" on fabric.  My boys love anything with cars, and this activity can be adapted and scaffolded to include math, graphing, patterns, etc.  Be creative with it!

For fall fashion, let's look at cuffs/bracelets/bangles.  These are fun jewelry pieces, and they flatter almost any arm.  Do you have a cuff /chunky bracelet/set of bangles for fall yet?
by Kimberly McDonald

Pretty cuffs


kanza wooden bracelet

Mixit® Set of Assorted Bangles

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  1. What great ideas, no I don't have any of those bracelets/bangles. I teach piano and do a lot of computer work, they'd only get in my way!

    But I am loving the scarf trend for this fall, very pretty!


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