Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday Favorites, 4-29-11

I love Costco.  I know many of you shop there and like it, but I seriously love their quality, prices and customer service.  Last week, I bought the movie Tangled for my kids' Easter basket.  The receipt showed I paid for it, but, somehow, it didn't make it home.  It either was left at the cash register or in the cart in the parking lot.  I returned to Costco about 45 minutes later to see if someone had turned it in.  Nope. 

You know what?  They showed me grace.  They had me go pick out another Tangled movie for free--without me having to cry, beg, give them puppy dog eyes or even ask for another copy.  THAT is why I like Costco.  Plus, you can buy anything from a swing set to socks at a Costco, all while munching on free samples of snacks.  Genius.  I thought they deserved some kudos for their awesomeness.

Now, let's move on to some great crafting inspiration.  This week, there was a lot of amazing creativity, as usual.  I picked out various topics and projects this week, so something is bound to catch your eye.  Enjoy perusing and have a great Friday!

I love any project that calls for spray paint and mod podge.  Richmond Thrifter did a makeover to a file cabinet.  I love the colors and patterns.  This would be really easy to do if you have a file cabinet acting as "furniture" in any room in your house.

This project is completely something I would do.  You know those adorable cupcake stands you see at trendy parties?  You can make one.  It only requires boxes, wrapping paper, bows and some tape.  Ta da!  Fabulousness.  My Blessed Life shows us how.

The Exchange did a wonderful post on how to make these fabulous pillows with painters tape and screen print paint.  I am inspired.  I want to try this soon!  Look how expensive looking and beautiful they turn out to be!

I have to admit, the name of this blog gave it an advantage to catching my eye.  If you know me at all, you know the marriage ministry my husband and I co-lead with another couple is called Thrive.  Well, Choose to Thrive Blog made an easy and practical ribbon organizer.  Whether you sew, craft, do party decorations or even make cards, chances are you have random rolls of ribbon.  Check out this cheap and easy solution for organizing the mess.

Okay, I HAVE to try this project, because it seems to good to be true.  You can update a pair of shoes with some fabric and MOD PODGE.  For a non-sewer like me, this is awesome.  Funkytime took a boring brown pair of wedges from Walmart and made cute spring shoes.  If you DO sew, imagine being able to match your kids' shoe fabric to the fabric of the outfit you made them?  Adorable.

Momma Go Round made the CUTEST nautical necklace.  She guest posted the project on Tatertots and Jello here.  I think I could actually even successfully make this, which means you definitely can. 

Rae Gun Ramblings made an eclair cake.  I LOVE eclairs.  They are sugary, creamy and delicious.  This cake looks really good, and it is fairly easy to make.  I loved the pictures of her two kiddos "helping" their mom clean the bowl.  Don't drool on the picture.  Yummy!

In case you are keeping track, this is my second project featuring Momma Go Round.  She has some serious skills!  This mason jar vase is extremely simple, and that is what makes it so fun.  Imagine this little beauty holding a tea light or freshly clipped summer flowers on your backyard patio table.  Simple. Beautiful.

How Sweet it Is made smores in a jar, and, folks, they look AMAZING!  They look like the type of dessert that make it worth cheating on your diet.  I don't have to say much here.  Just look at the picture and then go click on the link for the recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thank you SOOO much Chiara for highlighting my screen print pillows! So excited, thank you so much for showing my stuff off girl! I love the other projects as well and am inspired myself!

  2. I LOVE the shoes!! Great features!

  3. I am so going to try that Eclair Cake…can’t wait for the occasion!

  4. Chiara,
    Thanks so much for highlighting my organizer and all of the other fun projects (those shoes are to die for!) And I love, love the name of your ministry. The word THRIVE speaks to me, too. Blessings to you and your husband in your ministry!


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