Monday, April 25, 2011

Ham Bone Soup (Easter Leftovers)

If you read my past post, you know I hosted Easter this year.  My parents' sweet neighbor came over for Easter too, and he gave us a gift certificate to the Honey Baked Ham store.  They have the yummiest ham!  Needless to say, between brunch and people grabbing leftover bags, the delicious ham was gone quickly.

However, I had a beautiful ham bone sitting in my fridge.  It had some meat still blanketing it, so I grabbed it and decided to create a crock pot soup for dinner.

First, I put my ham bone and 2 boxes of chicken broth in the crock pot.  (I used no fat broth merely because it was on sale AND I knew that ham bone would boil off plenty of fat and marrow into the soup).  The chicken broth didn't quite cover the ham bone, so I added about 2 cups of water. 

I sauteed a chopped, sweet onion in oil and then cut up two slices of bacon and sauteed that with the onion as well.  (What isn't better with a little bacon?)  I added those to the crock pot.

If this soup were just for me, I would add different kinds of beans, but neither my husband or sons enjoy beans at all.  I am a pretty big fan, but I cook so they will eat.  Instead, I kept it very simple.  About an hour before dinner, I added some cubed potato and a whole bunch of dark green Kale.  I thought the sweet onion and ham would be a nice contrast to the more bitter taste of the Kale.

Before I dished up the bowls, I slid the ham meat off of the bone and into the soup.  Then, I topped each bowl with some shredded cheese and cracked pepper.

I wish you could smell my kitchen.  It smells AMAZING!  Next time you have a ham bone--save it and make soup.  This was DELICIOUS!

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  1. That looks so good I am going to try it. I bet its low in calories too!

  2. Ok....this looks absolutely delicious!! I can't wait to try this. I normally make a bean soup with my leftover ham bone, but it isn't my family's favorite.

  3. Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing. I made a minestrone soup with our bone and it turned out good.

  4. Can I just buy a Ham bone on purpose just to make this?! This is really good.Ham bone is always available in a deli shop here.Thanks for sharing

  5. I love that you reused your is rare that people do that anymore!! My mom did it every Easter and my dad would have all sorts of leftovers to go with it!! Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday. I hope to see you again next week!!


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