Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday Favorites--3-11-11 (The Great Outdoors/spring Theme)

The rain has not been around for awhile in Southern California, and I know spring is on the way because my hayfever allergies are kicking in .  .  .  ACHOO!  I have to take out the Claritin soon.

Now that I have kids, I love spring and summer more than ever.  Trips to the beach or pool, playing outside, the smell of sunscreen, popsicles melting and sticky hands, and lots of yummy fruit are making me excited about the upcoming seasons.  So, this week's Friday Favorites almost all have to do with spring and the great outdoors.  There is one post that is different (cue Sesame Streets "One of these Things is not like the Other" song).  It was so cute, though, I had to include it.  Have fun looking at all this week's projects.  Next week I will start picking projects that have to do with Easter!

I plan to do this with the boys. I am picturing summer afternoons reading books, eating watermelon or just giggling in their little tent. I was reading Tip Junkie and found that Sew, Momma, Sew gives us a tutorial on how to create a child's tent and it is a no sew project! Yay! How sweet is this little tent?

Do you like fun coasters?  I do.  These simple cork coasters look JUST like sliced bread.  I don't think I could drink my coffee with these and not crave a piece of toast.  Plus, if you had cork, a template and an exacto knife, you could make these cuties!  These aren't exactly tied to spring or outside, but just replace the coffee cup with a tall iced tea or lemonade.  There ya go!  Now it is looking like spring and summer are coming!  You can check out the post at How About Orange.

I saw the idea of a camping themed birthday party a few months back and thought, "Genius!"  We had already gotten the idea of a carnival themed party in Carter's head, but this is stored up in the files for future parties!  Clean and Scentsible threw an amazing birthday party for her son.  Wait until you see the goodie bags, invites, games, and decor--as I said--genius!

The Tattered Tag made a From My Garden gift package.  I love the burlap box holding all the goodies.  I have friends with gardens, so imagine how great some produce would look tucked in one of these boxes!  This would be an easy and cost effective gift for teachers, coaches and volunteers as the school year starts to wrap up soon!

Homemade Ginger designed a beautiful spring wreath for her door.  I like it because it is simple and beautiful.  Plus, even a non crafter could make this--I promise!  Doesn't this make you want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine?

The Poofy Boutique blog wrote a post about planning a garden!  Do you know what zone you live in and what plants grow best?  Read more!

My Third True Love made a lemonade stand for her son as his birthday present.  It is darling--way better than any Pottery Barn wanna be.  He will be the most popular stand in town this spring!  Check out the tutorial and pictures!

Today I also linked up to this blog hop.  Come join me and see some creative, fun blogs!
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  1. I like the Bread cork coasters...I'll confess, I had to do a double take on that one! They look almost real at a glance.

  2. Hello,
    I am your newest follower...Please stop by and say hi and follow me too! :)

  3. Those coasters are hilarious!!

  4. Thank-you so much for featuring my camping party! Love all of your other pics especially the no sew little tent - my boys would love that too! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jenn :)
    P.S. Your cupcakes are SOOOO adorable!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my lemonade stand! My son is SO excited!!

  6. Thank you for featuring my garden post! If nothing else - plant some onions and herbs - they are easy peasy! :)

  7. Hi- I'm visiting from The Girl Creative! I really like your blog- some cute stuff here! Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  8. I agree, the coasters are pretty nifty!! Thanks bunches for featuring From My Garden container, I so appreciate it. :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  9. The coasters crack me up! I love them! I'm a new follower from creative girl blog hop. (you might have to dig for creative stuff today...I'm on a shopping trip!)

  10. love the lemonade stand! I can just see some cute little girls making their summer money in that stand.


  11. Just want you to know I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger award!! :)


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