Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter Cross

Easter isn't the same as Christmas.  Though there is much celebration in Christ's resurrection and the hope of Heaven for those who repent and trust in Him, Good Friday is tightly associated with Easter.  There cannot be a resurrection without the painful, tortuous death that Christ faced for OUR sins.  It adds a little solemnity to the occasion, doesn't it?

This is why I don't want my kids merely popping jelly beans into their mouth and hugging their stuffed rabbit as we put on new clothes and head to church.  Don't get me wrong, we celebrate Easter and the gift Jesus has given to those in Him, but I want them to understand they are sinners who shed Christ's blood on the cross.  I want them to know their status so they will better understand their need for Christ's sacrifice someday.  I consider this when I start traditions and make decor for our home.   

Instead of dressing up eggs or rabbits, I made a cross for our entryway.  I interwove the idea of Good Friday with the cross and Easter with the words, "Jesus Lives."  I also mixed the painful silhouette of the cross with a bright, beautiful Easter color.  I believe it represents well the dark hours of Good Friday with the amazing, bright hope of Easter. 

I bought three pieces of styrofoam, some crafting paper and Mod Podge

I hot glued the styrofoam pieces into a cross.

I found a beautiful Easter blue paper for my Mod Podging

I tore random pieces of paper and mod podged them under and on top.  I finished by applying silver sticker letter that say, "Jesus Lives."

Here is the finished cross on our entryway table.

The words "Jesus Lives" are very subtle across the cross 

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  1. Beautiful cross! I did something similar with some Easter blocks I made - I used a cross for a "t" to remind all that see them what Easter is really about! :) You can see them on my blog here: Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love this! Not sure what mod podge means, but I love it!

  3. Great job! I love it!! You have inspired me to rethink my Eastor decor! And I'm going to do the Resurection eggs with my lil hunkie I think!

  4. Another great craft Chiara!!! Wish you were MY neighbor!!

  5. I love it! Great idea. I love the entire entry table.

    I found you at Blue Cricket. Please come visit me @


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