Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sneak Peek and Snow

Tomorrow is W day--the wedding day.  My beautiful sister in law is getting married.  I can't wait to share pictures--the whole event will be stunning and her dress is BEAUTIFUL! 

Katie had me make a banner for a little surprise she is having at the reception.  I don't want to give any details away, but here is a sneak peek at the banner I'll show you! 

Today we are off for nails and the rehearsal dinner. . . tomorrow I have hair, dress, pictures and the main event!

We are praying for nice December weather.  Did you hear we had SNOW in Southern Orange County, CA this week?  That is pretty remarkable--it has been decades since it snowed here.  It was all fun for Facebook pictures and shocking our friends who expect 80 degree weather here all the time, but it isn't so fun for a wedding where the bridesmaids are wearing strapless, knee length dresses.  Just sayin.  It was light, but it is so rare here.  This picture was by my friend Shawn near the Laguna Hills Mall.

I'll post wedding pics soon!  I'm off to get started on the wedding weekend!

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