Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Card Rejects

I was considering NOT doing Christmas cards this year when we were without a job, but Ryan really wanted to still do them.  My super sweet friend, Jenny, asked if she could bless us by taking family pictures for free. 

She was amazing with the camera! 

My two boys were not. 

They are five and two, and trying to get a picture of all of us looking is like climbing Mount Everest.  Difficult.  We did find a couple pictures we could use.  We got the two year old to smile like last year--by tickling him.  Try it.  It is the greatest trick ever.  My husband has become a master of posing like he is holding still while still inconspicuously tickling the two year old for a smile.

I thought I give you some Friday light heartedness and show you what my boys do on 99% of our pictures.  These are some of our favorite rejects . . .

Micah wouldn't put down the Mickey Mouse telephone toy and play along.  I think this was the FIRST picture--sigh.

Micah is not enjoying being tickled and the five year old is being goofy.

See the mischief all over his face?  It is oozing out.  He is thinking, "How can I be cute and then run away really fast and ruin the picture?"

A much needed time out from pictures.

And that's a wrap!

I love my little, crazy boys!  Those who know me know how high energy they are!  I hope I gave you a smile for the weekend!


  1. Aw you guys are a handsome family!! My husband wanted me to just take Lil' Hunkie's 2 year pics and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my sister! There were definitely more yucky ones than good but at least we got some good!!
    Merry Christmas friend!

  2. I was JUST talking about this sort of thing with friends tonight. Sooooo funny!! Thanks for sharing. BTW...since you are all amazing, all of these are GREAT no matter what. :) Shawna

  3. It was so much fun to take these! Can't wait to see the card!


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