Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eureka! Our Anniversary Trip to Gold Country

I love California history.  There is something about the west, Manifest Destiny, and pioneers that has always intrigued me.  So, needless to say, I really enjoyed our recent anniversary trip up to the Sacramento area.  We celebrated 9 years by staying at a bed and breakfast right above Sutter's Mill, the original gold finding spot that spurred the California Gold Rush in 1848.

Usually there would be some snow, but we are having an Indian Summer in California, so both our anniversary night and our following trip to Tahoe involved little to no snow.  I'll write a separate post about our Tahoe trip with friends, but here is a brief pictorial summary of our anniversary trip!  God blessed us with a wonderful time and safe trip!

We left early in the morning and got to Sacramento around 1:00.  We stopped by the Capitol building.

The Governor's office. 

We drove to our Bed and Breakfast and got to spend about an hour at the Gold Rush town and Sutter's Mill site.

Here is the Sutter's Mill replica.

Sutter's Mill

Ryan is pretending to find gold at the original location where gold was discovered.

The town was so cute and quaint.  I wish we had been there earlier in the day, as things were closing or already closed.

The beautiful river that began the Gold Rush.

Our Bed and Breakfast, Bella Vista, which I would recommend.
The view from our room in the bed and breakfast.

Our family room and kitchenette.  They only had a two bedroom available, but it was nice and spacious!

My wonderful hubby--Happy Anniversary, Ry!

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