Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Memory Ornaments

I have seen those pretty ornaments on Pinterest with the curled pieces of an invitation or birth announcement in a clear glass Christmas ornament.  I have always wondered how you can easily read it all, though.  There are just some things you want to be able to revisit and read!

This year I decided to make memory ornaments for my boys.  I bought clear plastic ornaments at Michael's and then wrote out memorable moments for each boy over the past year.  I Mod Podged these onto the outside of the ornament and then stuffed the clear ornament with Burlap.  The top will have a tag eventually that says, "Carter 2012" or "Micah 2012." 

A burlap ribbon tied at the top would be pretty, but I didn't have any at home.  White ribbon looked nice too.

Carter had a fun year of firsts:  started first grade, learned to read, lost first tooth, played baseball/t-ball for the first time. . . Micah also had some fun things to remember:  Potty trained, started preschool, started speech, and learned his ABC song. 

I also added likes and dislikes to the lists.  Since all this is pasted on the outside of the ornament, I easily can go back and remember the highlights of each year as these ornaments dot our tree.

Start your own family memory ornaments.  They will be fun to revisit each year and the beginning of a fun family tradition.

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