Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Night Away in Julian

We had a perfect fall weekend, even though the temperatures were still in the high eighties and low nineties.

We left home on Friday night and had a family get away in the quaint little town of Julian.  Julian is a historic, beautiful, little town in the middle of the southern foothills of Southern California. It is known for its annual Apple Days and the many apple orchards all around.

We had apple picking time, a tour of a gold mine, "gold" panning, a mini train ride, and lots of good country cooking and eating. 

If you live in Southern California, set late September or early October aside for a day trip or quick weekend to Julian.

Here's a little documentary in pictures.

We picked organic apples at Apple Starr farms.  The boys loved it.

The apple trees were filled with tons of apples ripe for picking.


Cheesy posing

What a beautiful day!

The downtown district in Julian is so quaint and cute.

We visited Smith Ranch to do a train ride, "gold" panning and tour a gold mine.

The little train we rode up to the gold mine.

The Smiths collect historical artifacts on their ranch.  This flag has only 48 stars and dates back to Roosevelt's time, and the cannon is from the Mexican American war.

Micah LOVED all the educational lessons they were teaching.  We got to feel the equivalent weight of a brick of gold.

They got to pan for gold.  When they found the "gold" nuggets, they took it into the general "store" and traded it for licorice sticks.

Micah wanted as much "gold" as possible so he could get lots of licorice.

They had a rope bridge obstacle course which Carter loved.

They had a historic gold mine on their property dating back to the late 1800's.  We all took turns going inside and seeing the quartz veins running through the walls and ceilings.

Carter and Micah got to ride into the mine on an old fashioned mine car.

I got to wear the obligatory hard hat. . .

Another view of the historic downtown buildings.

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