Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Silhouette Projects I've Made

Lately, I've had a lot of people asking me what machine I use for my cutting and design projects.  I use the Silhouette Cameo.  I didn't have any Cricut experience or history, and as I was looking for a machine, the Cameo was being introduced.  I love that it is all on my computer, and I don't have to buy cartridges.  It can cut vinyl, paper, fabric . . . I can print designs off the machine and then program the machine to cut around the printed designs.  It is fabulous.  Here are a few project ideas and examples . . . 

I make scripture signs as an Etsy business.  The Silhouette cuts my vinyl die cuts which give me a template for my paint.

My "Give Thanks" leaf wall mobile.  The boys put an item or person for which they were thankful each day.  The Silhouette cut my leaves and my font.

Scalloped signs for the fall wedding shower. . .

Leaf tags on each caramel apple we gave as a favor at our fall wedding shower.  They said, "Thank you for coming to celebrate Katie being the 'apple' of Jon's eye!"  The leaves were cut off my Silhouette.  I also had leaf garlands around the party.

A better view of my popcorn bar sign

A better view of the apple tags

I made Christmas signs for our wall using my Silhouette

I made hanging JOY signs using Silhouette cut letters

I love making banners.  Here are some of my Christmas samples.

I made a fancy "Hot Chocolate" banner for my sister in law's hot chocolate bar at her wedding.

Our Christmas mantle--Silhoutte cut banner

For teacher appreciation week, I made summer trays for my son's teachers.  Here is a sample.  It simply requires Silhouette vinyl and a fun plastic tray.

Here is a Valentine's banner that I made using Silhouette heart shapes and font

We served airplane lunches at my son's airplane birthday party.  Here is a print and cut label from the Silhouette.

I made our teacher appreciation posters for my son's class in a superhero theme.  Each student signed under their superhero.

Another scripture sign example.

I got inventive and made airplane "ticket" invitations to my son's airplane party.  This is all from the Silhouette.

I put bulletin boards in our playroom and used Silhouette cut vinyl to label each with my sons' names.

I made a 4th of July hostess sign gift.

My son's held Silhouette cut letters to create this fun sign for Father's Day.

Cupcake toppers for my son's birthday party using the Silhouette print and cut.

Both Teacher Appreciation Posters here

"Flying" airplanes beneath cloud balloons.

Print and cut from the Silhouette--airplane "thank you" tags for our airplane party favors.

Airplanes print and cut to be cupcake toppers.

A canvas sign made by using Silhouette Vinyl as a die cut for me to paint

I made print and cut tags that said "Happy Trails to You!" on trail mix filled mason jars for my western themed tea table.  Each namecard was a Silhouette cut sherriff star (in front of mason jar).

This post was not endorsed by Silhouette.  I am just letting readers and friends know what I use for all my projects!  For full disclosure, I also might enter my Silhouette projects into a contest to try to win a free Silhouette--future giveaway!?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm doing a round-up of airplane party ideas on Disney Baby and wondered if I could include a photo from yours? I'd just use one photo with credit to you and link back to your post. Let me know if that's okay.



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