Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun Bible App for Kids to Memorize Scripture

We are on a roadtrip.  We are on a roadtrip that consisted of 10 hours of driving just the first day.  That isn't counting all the hours we are driving all the days after.  Thank goodness for ipads and iphones.  When I was little, my parents played the alphabet game over and over and we sang along to Kenny Rogers on repeat.  I don't think my boys would go for it.  I did print out some car trip bingo and other family games we can do on the road, but we all know the kids will still want some time with the electronic devices.

In adding some new apps to my iphone, I found a great one.  If your kid is in AWANA or you just want to do fun Bible games with them, look up the app, A Good Word. 

It takes selected verses from the NIV (I know--no ESV--super sad face) and has them catagorized by topic.  When you pick a verse from the list, it gives you a choice of two games . . . hangman or a word search.  It will bring up the verse with words missing, and the player has to either guess them in hangman or find them in the word search.  It is PERFECT for my 1st grader.

AND it's free. 

I know, right?  So add it to your smart device. 

By the way, I used to play "hang spider" with my students when I taught.  It takes almost as long to draw a spider hanging from a web string, and it isn't as morbid.  Feel free to borrow the idea for the class or home.  Have fun!

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