Friday, July 13, 2012

Children's Museum of the Desert (Palm Springs)

If you have young kids, and you are planning a trip to the Palm Springs, CA area, I recommend a stop at the Children's Museum of the Desert.  They have activities for toddlers to upper elementary aged kids.

We are currently weekend vacationing in Palm Desert, and there are only so many ways to beat the heat when it is in the 100's.  My older son and hubby spent the morning at Knott's Soak City Water Park, so I took my 3 year old to the children's museum.

It is 8 dollars for entry for anyone over 2.  In the back of the main building is a big area for toddlers--building blocks, books, a make believe grocery store and pizza parlour.  Upstairs is an area studying history hands on and a look at how things like type writers and sewing machines have changed over time.  Also, it holds a great dress up area, with firemen coats, dresses, boas, shoes, hats, and every dress up collection item your kiddo could want. 

They have a pretty courtyard with some outdoor play toys, and you can bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy it outside.  This is especially pleasant when the weather cools in the fall and spring. 

Across the courtyard is a new wing with displays for older elementary kids.  I found a lot of kids building their own "racecar" and trying it on the indoor track. 

It is a great spot for a couple of hours, and the air conditioning is plentiful!  Here are some pictures of our visit.

In front of the museum

Setting up a ball ramp

Going under and over the rope obstacle course

Hands on gears projects

Painting the museum's VW car

A look down at some of the displays

Grocery shopping in the pretend store

A line just like in the real store

Pizza Parlor

The race car track

Putting together our own race car

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