Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Signs I've Made

In an effort to keep track of signs I've made to order and as gifts, I'm going to keep a picture catalogue here.  I will post this to the sidebar too.  I will make signs to order (custom scripture and colors), and I have some premade signs listed on my Etsy shop.  Enjoy!

Recent sign order

Recent Sign Order

Gift for a friend in trial

Sign order for a pastor's office

Sign order for the Women's Ministry Director's office

This was a sign I made for Etsy. I distressed it with sand paper at the end.  I love this one!

This was another custom order

This is a 16 by 20 canvas that was a custom order.  She is a young mom like me--such a great verse!

(custom order for a friend's new home)

Mother's Day custom order

My graduating niece ordered this for her mom--it was a saying they had as she was growing up . . .

These 2 are on MY picture gallery wall

Custom order

Ombre text for a friend's birthday

Giveaway sign

Etsy order

Giveaway sign

(First canvas sign--I love how this shows how I've gotten better over time!)

This is my only wood sign I made for a friend's home

Early canvas sign

Early canvas sign

Etsy order

Sign made as a pastor's gift

Etsy sign

Sign made for a friend's birthday

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